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Microdevice for the isolation and enumeration of cancer cells from blood
Cancer metastasis is the main attribute to cancer-related deaths. Furthermore, clinical reports have shown a strong correlation between the disease development and number of circulating tumor cellsExpand
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Silicon-based microfilters for whole blood cell separation
This paper reports on the comparison analysis of four main types of silicon-based microfilter for isolation of white blood cells (WBCs) from red blood cells (RBCs) in a given whole blood. TheExpand
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Versatile label free biochip for the detection of circulating tumor cells from peripheral blood in cancer patients.
The isolation of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) using microfluidics is attractive as the flow conditions can be accurately manipulated to achieve an efficient separation. CTCs are rare events withinExpand
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Digital microfluidics: Droplet based logic gates
The authors present microfluidic logic gates based on two-phase flows at low Reynold’s number. The presence and the absence of a dispersed phase liquid (slug) in a continuous phase liquid represent 1Expand
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Thermally mediated droplet formation in microchannels
Precise dispensing of microdroplets is an important process for droplet-based microfluidics. The dropletformation by shear force between two immiscible fluids depends on their flow rates, theExpand
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Thermally mediated breakup of drops in microchannels
The authors used thermally induced surface tension gradients to manipulate aqueous droplets in microchannels. Control of the droplet breakup process was demonstrated. Droplet sorting can be achievedExpand
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A novel integrable microvalve for refreshable Braille display system
We introduce a novel integrable and electrostatic microvalve for the purpose of enabling a pneumatic refreshable Braille display system (RBDS). Physical design parameters of the microvalve such asExpand
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A novel bulk micromachined electrostatic microvalve with a curved-compliant structure applicable for a pneumatic tactile display
Recent success of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) in projection displays have raised similar expectation for an efficient, low power, affordable, full-page and pneumatic tactile display. SuchExpand
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High-performance flow-focusing geometry for spontaneous generation of monodispersed droplets.
A high-performance flow-focusing geometry for spontaneous generation of monodispersed droplets is demonstrated. In this geometry, a two-phase flow is forced through a circular orifice integratedExpand
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Microfluidic integration of substantially round glass capillaries for lateral patch clamping on chip.
High-throughput screening of drug candidates for channelopathies can greatly benefit from an automated patch-clamping assay. Automation of the patch clamping through microfluidics ideally requiresExpand
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