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Two new alkaloids from the aerial parts of Caryopteris mongolica Bunge
Two new alkaloids moncaryopterine A and moncaryopterine B were isolated from the aerial parts of Caryopteris mongolica Bunge. by the column chromatography and HPLC methods. Molecular structures ofExpand
Releasing Potassium of Silicatebacteria on Potassiumbearing Mineral
Releasing potassium experiment was inducted by silicatebacteria on the different kinds of the potassiumbearing minerals powder. The minerals powder per gram could at most release 77.3 m ofExpand
Study on Pb absorption, accumulation and distribution pattern in tomato.
The pot experiment was carried out to study the Pb absorption,accumulation and distribution pattern in tomato.The results showed that Pb began to have the effect on growth of tomato plants when PbExpand
GC-MS Analysis of Nonpolar Constituents from Aerial Parts of Lagochilus ilicifolius
The plants of the genus Lagochilus are widely used as an effective hemostatic in clinic.The plant Lagochilus ilicifolius is one species of the genus Lagochilus.However,there is no report for theExpand
Chemical Study on Porandra scandens
Nineteen compounds were isolated from the 95% EtOH extract of the whole plants of Porandra scandens for the first time.On the basis of spectral data or by comparison with authentic samples,they wereExpand