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The polyglutamate nature of plant folates
Difrerential, oxidative cleavage of broccoli leaf folates into three polyglutamate pools showed that the formyl- and methylfolates were mainly (80%) diglutamyl derivatives and the methylene and unsubstituted folates of this tissue were principally (78%) hexaglut amates. Expand
Identification of a Strain RCEF0718 with Antineoplastic Activity
The strain RCEF0718 could successfully produce fruiting body of Cordyceps militaris by inoculation into pupa of Bombyx mori and could be easy to mutate on different media, and the ratio of mutation in PPDA and in Czapek was about 1:5. Expand
The Influence of Elevated CO2 Concentration on the Fitness Traits of Frankliniella occidentalis and Frankliniella intonsa (Thysanoptera: Thripidae)
The results suggest that the population fitness of invasive thrips species might be enhanced with increase in CO2 concentration, and accordingly change the local thrips population composition with their invasion. Expand
Aquatic Biota of Taihu Lake and Comparison with Those of the North American Great Lakes
The characteristics and evolution of Taihu Lake aquatic biota were discussed and compared with those of the North American Great Lakes and cyprinid is the priority species used in the procedure of water quality criteria derivation. Expand
Isolation and characterization of standard fulvic acids from soil and sediments in China.
Fulvic acids(FAs) were isolated from soil(Jiufeng Forest,Beijing) and sediments(Zhushan lake district,Lake Taihu,Jiangsu) according to the method recommended by the International Humic SubstancesExpand
Two new species of Melanoleuca (Agaricales, Basidiomycota) from northeastern China, supported by morphological and molecular data
The results indicated that two new species clustered into two clades and differed from the other species of the genus Melanoleuca, and the combination of morphological and molecular data confirmed that the two fungi are new species. Expand
Advances in lysozyme research
The lysozyme about its heat stability improvement, preparation and the renaturation of its genetic engineering expression products was introduced. The application of this enzyme was also outlined inExpand
Preliminary investigation on temporal and spatial variation of structure of soil fauna community in different natural vegetations of Dinghushan
The results showed that Acarina and Collembola were the dominant community, and Thysanoptera,Coleopter,Hymenoptera and Diptera(larva) were the common community in the year round. Expand