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Dual‐frequency ultrasound effect on structure and properties of sweet potato starch
Effects on the structure and properties of sweet potato starch under single frequency ultrasound of 25, 80 kHz and dual-frequency ultrasound of 25 and 80 kHz were investigated at the same treating
Effects of Rice Proteins from Two Cultivars, Koshihikari and Shunyo, on Hepatic Cholesterol Secretion by Isolated Perfused Livers of Rats Fed Cholesterol-Enriched Diets
The results demonstrate that the key metabolic pathways of hepatic cholesterol are modified by both rice proteins leading to similar hypocholesterolemic effects.
l-Arginine induces antioxidant response to prevent oxidative stress via stimulation of glutathione synthesis and activation of Nrf2 pathway.
The present study demonstrates that the supplementation of l-arginine stimulates GSH synthesis and activates Nrf2 pathway, leading to the up-regulation of ARE-driven antioxidant expressions via NRF2-Keap1 pathway, indicating an upward trend in antioxidant capacity uniformly with the increasing consumption ofl-argInine.
In Vitro Antioxidant Activities of Sulfated Derivatives of Polysaccharides Extracted from Auricularia auricular
The research demonstrates that the antioxidant activity of sulfated polysaccharide derivatives in vitro has a potential significance for seeking new natural antioxidant protective agents.
Antioxidant capacity responsible for a hypocholesterolemia is independent of dietary cholesterol in adult rats fed rice protein.
The present study demonstrates that the hypocholesterolemic effect of rice protein is attributable to inducing antioxidative response and depressing oxidative damage in adult rats fed cholesterol-free/enriched diets.
In vitro antioxidant activity of rice protein affected by alkaline degree and gastrointestinal protease digestion.
It is suggested that alkali extraction is a vital process to regulate the antioxidant activity of RP through modifying the compositions of amino acids, which are dependent on alkali magnitude.
Rice protein improves adiposity, body weight and reduces lipids level in rats through modification of triglyceride metabolism
It is demonstrated that rice protein can modify triglyceride metabolism, leading to an improvement of body weight and adiposity, and the lower digestibility of rice protein may be the main modulator responsible for the lipid-lowering action.
Inhibitory effects of eucalyptol and limonene on the photosynthetic abilities in Chlorella vulgaris (Chlorophyceae)
The analysis of chlorophyll fluorescence transient parameters indicated that eucalyptol and limonene can reduce the concentration of PSII reaction centers, inhibit the quantum production and electron transport in PSII, and promote the absorbed light energy to dissipate as heat.
Rice Protein Extracted by Different Methods Affects Cholesterol Metabolism in Rats Due to Its Lower Digestibility
It is demonstrated that the digestibility of rice protein affected by extraction method plays a major role in the modulation of cholesterol metabolism, and the hypocholesterolemic action induced by rice protein with lower digestibility primarily contribute to the inhibition of cholesterol absorption.
Factors influencing soil enzyme activity in China’s forest ecosystems
Enzyme activity (EA) mediates soil organic matter (SOM) degradation, transformation, and mineralization, thereby maintaining the biogeochemical cycles and energy flow of ecosystems. To determine the