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Adolescent fast food and restaurant ordering behavior with and without calorie and fat content menu information.
The provision of calorie and fat content information on the menus did not modify the food ordering behavior for the majority of adolescents, and the provision of the nutrition information should still be encouraged because it resulted in some calorie/fat reduction by some of the adolescents and it did not adversely affect the restaurants' revenue. Expand
Pulse oximetry and peak flow as indicators of wheezing severity in children and improvement following bronchodilator treatments.
Following bronchodilator treatment, peak flow results in a larger quantitative improvement than OSAT; however, this difference does not appear to have any significant advantage. Expand
Change in Approach and Delivery of Medical Care in Children With Asthma: Results From a Multicenter Emergency Department Educational Asthma Management Program
It was revealed that the majority of patients with persistent asthma did not use long-term controller medications and did not possess a written asthma action plan, and an ED-based childhood asthma tracking system can serve as a basis for designing and implementing an Ed-based educational intervention. Expand
Rheumatic fever in children and adolescents in Hawaii.
Case records of hospitalized children with acute rheumatic fever on Oahu, HI, were reviewed for the 4-year period from Oct 1, 1980, to Sept 30, 1984 and 98 cases met the modified Jones criteria. Expand
Commercial airline travel decreases oxygen saturation in children
Although there were no clinically noticeable ill effects at the level of oxygen saturation decline in these relatively healthy passengers, patients with preexisting anemia or cardiopulmonary disease are likely to experience greater degrees of clinical compromise with similar degrees of oxygenaturation decline. Expand
Characteristics of frequent pediatric emergency department users
It is concluded that cultural differences appeared to be an important factor associated with frequent ED use by healthy persons in this cohort of frequent ED users. Expand
Wireless teleradiology and fax using cellular phones and notebook PCs for instant access to consultants.
  • L. Yamamoto
  • Medicine
  • The American journal of emergency medicine
  • 1 March 1995
This study showed that wireless teleradiology and fax over cellular communication systems are feasible with current technology and may expedite thrombolytic therapy decisions in questionable cases. Expand
Comparing errors in ED computer-assisted vs conventional pediatric drug dosing and administration.
Computerized assistance reduced errors and the time required for drug administration calculations and a pattern of errors emerged, noting that reading/interpreting certain drug labels were more error prone. Expand
Minimum clinically significant VAS differences for simultaneous (paired) interval serial pain assessments.
The minimum clinically significant VAS difference for paired comparisons that are simultaneous or occur within 5 minutes of each other is about 0.5 cm or less, less than the 1.3-cm value determined for serial 20- to 30-minute pain comparisons. Expand
Optic nerve sheath diameter measurements by CT scan in ventriculoperitoneal shunt obstruction.
Measurements from computed tomography scans of patients with ventriculoperitoneal shunt (VPS) obstruction versus controls confirmed that the optic nerve diameter increases during a VPS obstruction. Expand