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Influence of Large-Scale Reclamation on Natural Environment and Regional Environmental Protection in the Sanjiang Plain
There was a sparse population in the Sanjiang Plain before the 19th century. At the beginning of the liberation, the farmland area was merely 78.6×10 6 hm 2. So, the plain is famous for “the greatExpand
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Representing the Opening Ceremony: Comparative Content Analysis from USA, Brazil, UK and China
This study provides a comparative analysis of the international broadcasts of the opening ceremony and the multiple interpretations of it in terms of the adaptation of the host broadcaster and theExpand
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Determinants of food price inflation in Finland
The agricultural commodity crisis of 2006-8 and the recent evolution of commodity markets have reignited anxieties in Finland over fast-rising food prices and food security. Although the impact ofExpand
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Study on spatial variability of soil nutrients in Taihu Lake region--A case of Pinghu city in Zhejiang province.
Spatial variability of nutrients in the plough layer (020 cm) of paddy soils from Pinghu City in the Taihu lake region in China was studied using GIS technique and geostatistical analysis. SixExpand
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Geochemical simulation of formation and evolution of salt lakes and their water sources in Qardam Basin: Application of Pitzer's model
The evaporation sequence and path of salt lakes, surface river waters and waters, which are the mixture of surface river waters and CaCl2 water at different ratios originating from the deep areExpand
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Based on the CTD data of the hydrology and chemical constituents at the PN section located in the East China Sea in August 1994, analysis for vertical distributions of the temperature, salinity,Expand
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An Improved Conjugate Residual Algorithm for Large Symmetric Linear Systems
The conjugate residual(CR) algorithm is a Krylov subspace algorithm that can be used to obtain fast solutions for symmetric linear systems with very large and very sparse coefficient matrices.ByExpand
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Water Storage and Flood Regulation Functions of Marsh Wetland in the Sanjiang Plain
The water storage and flood control functions of marsh wetland were analyzed,based on the data of flood peak discharge monitored at Baoqing station and Caizuizi station in the Naoli river basin ofExpand
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