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Measures Of Personality And Social Psychological Attitudes
J.P. Robinson, P.R. Shaver, and L.S. Wrightsman, Criteria for Scale Selection and Evaluation. D.L. Paulhus, Measurement and Control of Response Bias. F.M. Andrews and J.P. Robinson, Measures ofExpand
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CHAPTER 1 – Criteria for Scale Selection and Evaluation
The original idea for this handbook of attitude and personality measures came from Robert Lane, a political scientist at Yale University. Like most social scientists, Lane found it difficult to keepExpand
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Gender-role conflict scale: College men's fear of femininity
Gender-role conflict exists when gender roles have negative consequences for people. This research reports initial validity and reliability data on measures of gender-role conflict for men. TwoExpand
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The construction and validation of a juror bias scale
Abstract A questionnaire was constructed to measure individual differences in pretrial bias among jurors. The final Likert scale, called the Juror Bias Scale (JBS), contains 17 items—8 that reflectExpand
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Assumptions about Human Nature: Implications for Researchers and Practitioners
The Pervasiveness of Assumptions about Human Nature The Historical Background of Assumptions about Human Nature Conceptualizing Philosophies of Human Nature Measurement of Philosophies of HumanExpand
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Measurement of Philosophies of Human Nature
Philosophies of human nature were conceptualized as possessing six bi-polar components: Trustworthiness, Altruism, Independence, Strength of Will and Rationality, Complexity, and Variability.Expand
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The Psychology of Evidence and Trial Procedure
Preface - Saul M Kassin and Lawrence S Wrightsman PART ONE: INTRODUCTION The Evidence and Trial Procedure - Wallace D Loh The Law, Social Policy, and Psychological Research PART TWO: EVIDENCE TheExpand
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Rape: The Misunderstood Crime
Why Study Rape? The Rapist Stranger Rape Date Rape and Acquaintance Rape Spousal Rape Attitudes toward Rape and Rape Victims Explaining Negative Reactions to Rape Victims The Reactions of RapeExpand
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Prior Confessions and Mock Juror Verdicts
The present study tested the Supreme Court's assumption that jurors discount a coerced confession as unreliable and do not allow it to influence their decisions. In two experiments, subjects read aExpand
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