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Minimal surfaces and the affine Toda field model.
For example, [15], harmonic maps of S into CP may be characterised äs being elements of Frenet frames of holomorphic curves in CP or, equivalently, in twistorial terms äs projections of suitableExpand
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The affine Toda equations and minimal surfaces
In this article we consider geometrical interpretations of the two-dimensional affine Toda equations for a compact simple Lie group G. These equations originated from the work of Toda [33],[34] overExpand
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Almost complex curves and Hopf hypersurfaces in the nearly Kähler 6-sphere
We characterize Hopf hypersurfaces inS6 as open parts of geodesic hyperspheres or of tubes around almost complex curves ofS6.
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Higher Singularities and the Twistor Fibration π: CP3 → S4
We use the Klein correspondences to write down an explicit relationship between two holomorphic curves, namely the directrix curve and the twistor lift, associated to a superminimal map from aExpand
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