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Global warming and ice ages: I. prospects for physics based modulation of global change
It has been suggested that large-scale climate changes, mostly due to atmospheric injection of greenhouse gases connected with fossil-fired energy production, should be forestalled byExpand
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Active Climate Stabilization: Practical Physics-Based Approaches to Prevention of Climate Change
We offer a case for active technical management of the radiative forcing of the temperatures of the Earth's fluid envelopes, rather than administrative management of atmospheric greenhouse gasExpand
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Method for measuring off-diagonal Kerr coefficients by using polarized light transmission.
We report a method for measuring the off-diagonal coefficients of the quadratic electro-optic (Kerr) tensor by using polarized light transmission. The method relies on designing an experimentalExpand
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Faraday’s law, Lenz’s law, and conservation of energy
We describe an experiment in which the induced electromotive force in a coil caused by an accelerating magnet and the position of the moving magnet are measured as a function of the time. When theExpand
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Efficacy of neuromuscular stimulation of the quadriceps femoris during continuous passive motion following total knee arthroplasty.
  • J. Haug, L. Wood
  • Medicine
  • Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation
  • 1 June 1988
The effect of neuromuscular stimulation of the quadriceps femoris combined with continuous passive motion (CPM) on the active extension range of motion and force of patients with total kneeExpand
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Diffraction from tunable periodic structures: application for the determination of electro-optic coefficients.
We discuss a method for measuring electro-optic coefficients by measuring diffraction from a tunable grating. The method involves measuring the changes in the diffraction pattern of a reflectionExpand
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Action from tunable periodic structures. II. Experimental observation of electric field-induced diffraction peaks.
As previously predicted [Appl. Opt. 40, 5583 (2001)], we have now observed electric field-induced diffraction peaks in transmission and reflection experiments by use of a LiNbO3 sample withExpand
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Direct Kerr electro-optic effect in noncentrosymmetric materials
In materials lacking inversion symmetry, both Pockels and Kerr electro-optic effects are simultaneously present, with the former effect generally dominating the latter one. The theoretical findingsExpand
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Optical attenuation by periodic microdistortions of a sensor fiber.
The attenuation of optical power in a graded-index multimode fiber subjected to periodic microdistortions has been measured. The noncommunication fiber (designated the sensor fiber) had a smallExpand
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