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Oil Empire: Visions of Prosperity in Austrian Galicia
  • L. Wolff
  • Political Science
  • Central European History
  • 27 February 2007
left-wing newspapers were amply cited. Were anxieties about the unintelligibility of technological innovations shared by all classes, even by all bourgeois producers of public discourse? Were largeExpand
Venice and the Slavs : the discovery of Dalmatia in the Age of Enlightenment
Introduction 1. The drama of the Adriatic empire: Dalmatian loyalty and the Venetian lion 2. The useful or curious products of Dalmatia: from natural history to national economy 3. The character andExpand
The Innocence and Natural Liberty of Morlacchia: European Identity, Enlightened Anthropology and the Ambivalent Significance of Gender among Noble Savages
This article considers the anthropological study, published in 1774 by Alberto Fortis, concerning the pastoral mountain people of Venetian Dalmatia, known as Morlacchi. Fortis analyzed their customsExpand
Venice and the Slavs of Dalmatia: The Drama of the Adriatic Empire in the Venetian Enlightenment
The earliest submission of the Dalmatian cities to Venetian sovereignty, around the medieval millennial year 1000, remained fundamental for the mythology of Venice's political culture right up to theExpand
The Anthropology of the Enlightenment
Contents PREFACE iiii Contributors iiii INTRODUCTION 1 Chapter One Discovering Cultural Perspective: The Intellectual History of Anthropological Thought in the Age of Enlightenment Larry Wolff PARTExpand
The Idea of Galicia: History and Fantasy in Habsburg Political Culture
Galicia was created at the first partition of Poland in 1772 and disappeared in 1918. Yet, in slightly over a century, the idea of Galicia came to have meaning for both the peoples who lived thereExpand
Child Abuse in Freud's Vienna: Postcards from the End of the World
On the cusp of the twentieth century, in the most cosmopolitan city in the world, there a sensation that entranced the city's populace as nothing had before--a sensation that cast a great andExpand
"The Boys are Pickpockets, and the Girl is a Prostitute": Gender and Juvenile Criminality in Early Victorian England from Oliver Twist to London Labour
discussion of the representation of the criminal world in Oliver Twist, stressing the "coherence of delinquency, as a structured milieu or network," the "systematic nature of delinquency," theExpand