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The influence of shape on the atmospheric settling velocity of volcanic ash particles
Abstract Experimental measurements of terminal fall velocities at sea level are reported for pumices, glass shards, and feldspar crystals with mean diameters between 30 and500 μm. The velocitiesExpand
Ascent and eruption of basaltic magma on the earth and moon
Geological and physical observations and constraints are applied to the development of a model of the ascent and emplacement of basaltic magma on the earth and moon. Mathematical models of the natureExpand
Mars: review and analysis of volcanic eruption theory and relationships to observed landforms.
We present a theoretical treatment of the ascent, emplacement, and eruption of magma on Mars. Because of the lower gravity, fluid convective motions and crystal settling processes driven by positiveExpand
Factors controlling the lengths of channel-fed lava flows
Factors which control lava flow length are still not fully understood. The assumption that flow length as mainly influenced by viscosity was contested by Walker (1973) who proposed that the length ofExpand
Mechanisms and dynamics of strombolian activity
Strombolian explosions at Heimaey and Stromboli are described. Two main components of activity within a typical strombolian explosion are distinguished: an initial, high velocity, gas thrust part dueExpand
Explosive volcanic eruptions - VI. Ejecta dispersal in plinian eruptions: the control of eruption conditions and atmospheric properties
Summary. A simple model is developed to relate the maximum down-wind and cross-wind ranges of pyroclasts forming a plinian airfall deposit to the dynamic processes in the eruption cloud from whichExpand
Giant radiating dyke swarms on Earth and Venus
Abstract Concentrations of dykes of basic composition emplaced in the same igneous episode or along similar trends are known as mafic dyke swarms and they occur in a wide variety of environments andExpand
Relationships between pressure, volatile content and ejecta velocity in three types of volcanic explosion
Abstract Consideration of the energy equation for a flowing compressible fluid shows that the so-called modified Bernoulli equation, commonly used to relate ejects velocity to pre-explosion pressureExpand
Explosive volcanic eruptions — IV. The control of magma properties and conduit geometry on eruption column behaviour
Summary Plinian air-fall deposits and ignimbrites are the principal products of explosive eruptions of high viscosity magma. In this paper, the flow of gas/pyroclast dispersions and high viscosityExpand
Fundamentals of Physical Volcanology
Preface. Acknowledgments. Dedication. Glossary. 1. Volcanic Systems. 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 Styles of Volcanic Eruptions. 1.3 Volcanic Systems. 1.4 The Structure and Aims of this Book. 1.5 FurtherExpand