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Survival and initial chromatid breakage in normal and tumour cells exposed in vitro to gamma rays and carbon ions at the HIRFL.
Experimental results showed that the initial level of chromatid breaks is clearly related to the absorbed dose from (12)C(6+) ions and gamma-rays, and the (12]C( 6+) ions are relatively more effective at inducing initial chromatids breaks when compared with the Gamma-rays.
Integration of CAPP and CAFD based on agent technology
The agent-based system framework, in which various intelligent agents worked together to perform process planning and fixture design tasks in an autonomous and collaborative way, was presented and an intelligent algorithm based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation was designed to resolve competition conflicts between agents.
The Research Progress of DNA Damages Repair Pathways Induced by Heavy Ion Irradiation in Saccharomyces cerevisiaes
In this paper, the recent findings on the approach of DNA damages repair in S.cerevisiae are reviewed.
Improved ethanol fermentation of a yeast mutant by C-12 ion beam irradiation
The yeast Saccharomyces cerevsiea YY was irradiated with 100 MeV/u 12C6+ ion beams.After screening,we obtained the mutant strain C03A of high ethanol yield.The influence of fermentation
Review on research and development of heat resistant Magnesium alloy
Magnesium alloys as the emerging commercial metal structure material have excellent specific properties and stability, which is more and more important for researcher. The magnesium alloy of Mg-Al
Substrate temperature effects on the structural and photoelectric properties of ZnS:In films
Indium doped ZnS (ZnS:In) films were prepared on glass substrate using thermal evaporation technology. It was found that the structural, optical and electrical properties of ZnS:In films strongly
Molecular structure of diatomic lanthanide compounds
The molecular constants of selected diatomic lanthanide compounds (LaH, LaO, LaF, EuH, EuO, EuF, EuS, GdO, GdF, GdH, YbH, YbO, YbF, YbS, LuH, LuO and LuF) have been calculated by using relativistic
Model and method of dynamic multi-objective optimal dispatch for microgrid
A general model of dynamic multi-objective optimal dispatch is constructed to minimize the operational and environmental costs of microgrid,which takes two independent modules as its core:system
Pigment analysis of a color-leaf mutant in Wandering Jew (Tradescantia fluminensis) irradiated by carbon ions
Many mutants of plant induced by heavy ion beam irradiation have been reported in recent years,but leaf anthocyan mutants induced by ion irradiation in evergreen were rarely found.In this study,a