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Determinants of RFID Adoption in Supply Chain among Manufacturing Companies in China: A Discriminant Analysis
The growth of China’s economy hinges to a large extent on the ability of the industry to operate more efficiently and effectively in the global supply chain system. China’s manufacturing companiesExpand
Research on the Architecture of Trusted Security System Based on the Internet of Things
The general architecture of trusted security system based on IoT is proposed based on the former researches about trusted computing, trusted network, etc, which mainly includes trusted user module, trusted perception module, trust terminal module, trusting network module and trusted agent module. Expand
Research on Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting Service Integration Based on Cloud Computing
The method of virtual computing and distributed processing of Cloud computing is introduced to promote the integration of MMB industrial chain. Expand
Analysis on the Regional Differential of the Internet Diffusion in China
Internet as a new kind of geographical factor represents an exclusive regional differential features, it attracts more and more concerns of geographers and other discipline researchers as well.Expand
Review on some research advances in Agent-based financial market models
The paper summarizes on some research advances in Agent_based financial market models, which is a new method at overseas. Firstly, it introduces the theory named complex adaptive system, which theExpand
GATS and Trade Services of Higher Education in China
There is a tendency of further liberalization of higher education trade.The commitments on higher education service trade affects China's higher education in many aspects.Dealing with the impact ofExpand
Financial Development,Industrial Structure and Local Government Behavior——An Empirical Study Based on Central China
Using provincial panel data for central China during 1985~2008,this paper empirically investigates into the impact of local government intervention in financial sector on regional industrialExpand
Mathematical Model and Analysis of China's Real Estate Industry in Several Aspects
The real estate industry plays an important role in our national economy.This article researches China's real estate industry and the trend of the development from various perspectives usingExpand
The Paradigm Shift of the Enterprises Management in the Digital Age
The traditional enterprises theories and methods have been shocked by the development of the digital information. A new management theory and paradigm is shaping up. In order to keep abreast of theExpand
Economy Management and Cost Control Should Be Strengthened in Small Hospital Constructing
To inquire into the survival developing problem of the small hospital in new situation, it is expounded in this article that the actuality facing in the small hospital constructing; the measureExpand