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Scheduling semiconductor wafer fabrication
The impact that scheduling can have on the performance of semi-conductor wafer fabrication facilities is assessed. The performance measure considered is the mean throughput time (sometimes calledExpand
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Echelon Reorder Points, Installation Reorder Points, and the Value of Centralized Demand Information
We consider a serial inventory system with N stages. The material flows from an outside supplier to stage N, then to stage N - 1, etc., and finally to stage 1 where random customer demand arises.Expand
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Economics of Product Development by Users: the Impact of Sticky Local Information
We examine the actual location of design activities in two fields in which custom products are produced by "mass-customization" methods: application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and computer telephony integration (CTI) systems. Expand
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Optimal scheduling of radiotherapy and angiogenic inhibitors
We incorporate a previously validated mathematical model of a vascularized tumor into an optimal control problem to determine the temporal scheduling of radiotherapy and angiogenic inhibitors thatExpand
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Emergency response to a smallpox attack: The case for mass vaccination
In the event of a smallpox bioterrorist attack in a large U.S. city, the interim response policy is to isolate symptomatic cases, trace and vaccinate their contacts, quarantine febrile contacts, butExpand
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Inventory Management of Remanufacturable Products
We address the procurement of new components for recyclable products in the context of Kodak's single-use camera. The objective is to find an ordering policy that minimizes the total expectedExpand
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Quantifying the Routes of Transmission for Pandemic Influenza
Motivated by the desire to assess nonpharmaceutical interventions for pandemic influenza, we seek in this study to quantify the routes of transmission for this disease. We construct a mathematicalExpand
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An Inverse-Optimization-Based Auction Mechanism to Support a Multiattribute RFQ Process
We consider a manufacturer who uses a reverse, or procurement, auction to determine which supplier will be awarded a contract. Expand
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Emergency response to an anthrax attack
We developed a mathematical model to compare various emergency responses in the event of an airborne anthrax attack. The system consists of an atmospheric dispersion model, an age-dependentExpand
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Scheduling a Make-To-Stock Queue: Index Policies and Hedging Points
A single machine produces several different classes of items in a make-to-stock mode. Expand
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