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Efficacy of phospholipid analysis in determining microbial biomass in sediments.
Improvements in the analysis of lipid-bound phosphates resulted in a simplified and sensitive method for determining microbial biomass in sediments. Sensitivity was enhanced over previous methods byExpand
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Disturbance of the Seabed by Mobile Fishing Gear: A Comparison to Forest Clearcutting
Bottom trawling and use of other mobile fishing gear have effects on the seabed that resemble forest clearcutting, a terrestrial disturbance recognized as a major threat to biological diversity andExpand
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A proposed biogeography of the deep ocean floor
Abstract While there are many generalized schemes representing the biogeographic distribution of life in the deep sea, reviewed here, a comprehensive analysis has not been undertaken sinceExpand
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Feeding capabilities and limitation of herbivorous molluscs: A functional group approach
The susceptibility of an alga to an herbivorous mollusc depends, in part, upon the size and toughness of the plant relative to the feeding ability of the mollusc. In this study, algae are subdividedExpand
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Prediction of Benthic Impact for Salmon Net-Pens Based on the Balance of Benthic Oxygen Supply and Demand
The ratio between oxygen supply and oxygen demand was examined as a predictor of benthic response to organic enrichment caused by salmon net-pen aquaculture. Oxygen supply to the benthos wasExpand
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From principles to practice: a spatial approach to systematic conservation planning in the deep sea
Increases in the demand and price for industrial metals, combined with advances in technological capabilities have now made deep-sea mining more feasible and economically viable. In order to balanceExpand
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Reproduction and development of marine peracaridans
Abstract Reproduction in peracarid crustaceans is characterized by direct development with the young carried by the female in a ventral brood pouch made from overlapping oostegites. The majorExpand
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Hydrothermal Vents and Methane Seeps: Rethinking the Sphere of Influence
Although initially viewed as oases within a barren deep ocean, hydrothermal vent and methane seep communities are now recognized to interact with surrounding ecosystems on the sea floor and in theExpand
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Deep-Sea Origin and In-Situ Diversification of Chrysogorgiid Octocorals
The diversity, ubiquity and prevalence in deep waters of the octocoral family Chrysogorgiidae Verrill, 1883 make it noteworthy as a model system to study radiation and diversification in the deepExpand
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Environmental impact of salmon net-pen culture on marine benthic communities in Maine: A case study
The environmental impacts of salmon net-pen aquaculture on the benthic environment were investigated at a commercial fish farm located in coastal Maine waters. This site has a sandy mud bottom andExpand
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