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Employability during unemployment: Adaptability, career identity and human and social capital
Abstract Recently, Fugate et al. [Fugate, M., Kinicki, A. J., & Ashforth, B. E. (2004). Employability: A psycho-social construct, its dimensions, and applications. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 65Expand
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Contemplative Education: A Systematic, Evidence-Based Review of the effect of Meditation Interventions in Schools
Schools need reliable evidence about the outcomes of meditation programs before they consider if and how such programmes can influence learning agendas, curriculum and timetables. This paper reviewedExpand
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Reducing latent deprivation during unemployment: The role of meaningful leisure activity
The aim of this study was to investigate the role of meaningful leisure activity in reducing latent deprivation during unemployment. Samples of unemployed (N=201) and employed (N=128) participantsExpand
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Predicting self‐esteem during unemployment: The effect of gender, financial deprivation, alternate roles, and social support
Two hundred and one unemployed men and women participated in a cross-sectional study that assessed self-esteem, financial deprivation, number of alternate roles, and use of social support. FinancialExpand
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Protégé--Mentor Agreement about the Provision of Psychosocial Support: The Mentoring Relationship, Personality, and Workload
Abstract Protege–mentor agreement (PMA) about the provision of psychosocial support was examined in relation to job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and work self-esteem. One-hundred andExpand
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What Schools Need to Know About Fostering School Belonging: a Meta-analysis
Belonging is an essential aspect of psychological functioning. Schools offer unique opportunities to improve belonging for school-aged children. Research on school belonging, however, has beenExpand
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Tracing the size, reach, impact, and breadth of positive psychology
This study quantitatively assessed the size, disciplinary reach, impact, and topic breadth of positive psychology (PP), in order to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the growth and significanceExpand
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Social Media Use and Social Connectedness in Adolescents: The Positives and the Potential Pitfalls
As social media use is rising among adolescents, the issue of whether this use leads to positive or negative outcomes warrants greater understanding. This article critically reviews the literatureExpand
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The development and preliminary testing of a scale to measure the latent and manifest benefits of employment
Abstract. Theorists have argued the importance of the latent and manifest benefits of employment and their relationship with psychological well-being. However, no one scale has been devised thatExpand
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The Role of Formal Mentoring on Business Success and Self-Esteem in Participants of a New Business Start-Up Program
The current study investigated the relationship between career-related mentoring, psychosocial mentoring, business success, and self-esteem in participants of a program that was designed to assist inExpand
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