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ISO spectroscopy of circumstellar dust in 14 Herbig Ae/Be systems: Towards an understanding of dust processing
We present Infrared Space Observatory (ISO) spectra of fourteen isolated Herbig Ae/Be (HAEBE) stars, to study the characteristics of their circumstellar dust. These spectra show large star-to-starExpand
A 10 μm spectroscopic survey of Herbig Ae star disks: Grain growth and crystallization
We present spectroscopic observations of a large sample of Herbig Ae stars in the 10 µm spectral region. We perform compositional fits of the spectra based on properties of homogeneous as well asExpand
Processing of silicate dust grains in Herbig Ae/Be systems
We have analysed the 10 m spectral region of a sample of Herbig Ae/Be (HAEBE) stars. The spectra are dominated by a broad emission feature caused by warm amorphous silicates, and by polycyclicExpand
Understanding the spectra of isolated Herbig stars in the frame of a passive disk model
We discuss spectral energy distributions of a sample of Herbig Ae/Be stars in the context of a passive irradiated disk model. The data have been presented earlier by Meeus et al. (2001), andExpand
Infrared Space Observatory's Discovery of C4H2, C6H2, and Benzene in CRL 618
We report on the detection with the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO), for the first time in the circumstellar medium, of the polyacetylenic chains C4H2 and C6H2 and of benzene (C6H6) in the directionExpand
Crystalline silicate dust around evolved stars - II. The crystalline silicate complexes
This is the second paper in a series of three in which we present an exhaustive inventory of the solid state emission bands observed in a sample of 17 oxygen-rich dust shells surrounding evolvedExpand
The complex circumstellar environment of HD 142527
Context. The recent findings of gas giant planets around young A-type stars suggest that disks surrounding Herbig Ae/Be stars will develop planetary systems. An interesting case is HD 142527, forExpand
The carrier of the ``30'' mu m emission feature in evolved stars. A simple model using magnesium sulfide
We present 2 45m spectra of a large sample of carbon-rich evolved stars in order to study the "30"m feature. We find the "30"m feature in a wide range of sources: low mass loss carbon stars, extremeExpand
The shape and composition of interstellar silicate grains
We investigate the composition and shape distribution of silicate dust grains in the interstellar medium. The effects of the amount of magnesium and iron in the silicate lattice are studied inExpand
Mid-infrared sizes of circumstellar disks around Herbig Ae/Be stars measured with MIDI on the VLTI
We present the first long baseline mid-infrared interferometric observations of the circumstellar disks surrounding Herbig Ae/Be stars. The observations were obtained using the mid-infraredExpand