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Introduction to Cyclotomic Fields
1 Fermat's Last Theorem.- 2 Basic Results.- 3 Dirichlet Characters.- 4 Dirichlet L-series and Class Number Formulas.- 5 p-adic L-functions and Bernoulli Numbers.- 5.1. p-adic functions.- 5.2. p-adicExpand
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Elliptic Curves: Number Theory and Cryptography
INTRODUCTION THE BASIC THEORY Weierstrass Equations The Group Law Projective Space and the Point at Infinity Proof of Associativity Other Equations for Elliptic Curves Other Coordinate Systems TheExpand
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Introduction to Cryptography with Coding Theory
This book assumes a minimal background in programming and a level of math sophistication equivalent to a course in linear algebra. Expand
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In these lectures, we give a very utilitarian description of the Galois cohomology needed in Wiles’ proof. For a more general approach, see any of the references. First we fix some notation. For aExpand
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Introduction to Cryptography with Coding Theory (2nd Edition)
page 20, line 3: “ciphertext” should be “plain text” page 22 line 10: Exercise 9 should be Exercise 12. Expand
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Class numbers of the simplest cubic fields
Using the "simplest cubic fields" of D. Shanks, we give a modified proof and an extension of a result of Uchida, showing how to obtain cyclic cubic fields with class number divisible by n, for any n.Expand
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p-AdicL-Functions and Sums of Powers
Abstract We give an explicit p -adic expansion of ∑ np j =1, ( j ,  p )=1 j − r as a power series in n . The coefficients are values of p -adic L -functions.
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