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Nudging sustainable consumption: The use of descriptive norms to promote a minority behavior in a realistic online shopping environment
Our research examined effective ways of presenting true descriptive norm information about sustainable consumption in a realistic online shopping environment, even when the current norms forExpand
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Smaller food item sizes of snack foods influence reduced portions and caloric intake in young adults.
Studies considering the impact of food-size variations on consumption have predominantly focused on portion size, whereas very little research has investigated variations in food-item size,Expand
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Gist Memory in the Unconscious-Thought Effect
The unconscious-thought effect (UTE) occurs when people are better able to make complex decisions after a period of distraction rather than immediately or after a period of conscious deliberation.Expand
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A tax can nudge: The impact of an environmentally motivated bonus/malus fiscal system on transport preferences
Bonus-malus taxes appear to have been successful in encouraging people to change to less polluting travel options in France (e.g. the tax on large and small engined cars). We hypothesize that theyExpand
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Information presentation format moderates the unconscious-thought effect: The role of recollection
ABSTRACT The unconscious-thought effect occurs when distraction improves complex decision-making. In two experiments using the unconscious-thought paradigm, we investigated the effect of presentationExpand
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The interplay between presentation material and decision mode for complex choice preferences
Recent research suggests that, when faced with a choice between several alternatives described with a large number of attributes, people make better choices if they do not consciously ponder over theExpand
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The Role of Gist and Verbatim Memory in Complex Decision Making: Explaining the Unconscious-Thought Effect
Previous research showed that the unconscious-thought effect, which refers to an improvement in complex decision making following a distraction period, was moderated by the presentation format ofExpand
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Evaluating the Benefits of Conscious and Unconscious Thought in Complex Decision Making
Decision-making research reports mixed findings about the best way to make complex decisions involving multiple criteria. While some researchers emphasize the importance of conscious thought to makeExpand
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