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Dark Matter Benchmark Models for Early LHC Run-2 Searches. Report of the ATLAS/CMS Dark Matter Forum
This document is the final report of the ATLAS-CMS Dark Matter Forum, a forum organized by the ATLAS and CMS collaborations with the participation of experts on theories of Dark Matter, to select aExpand
Neutralino dark matter at 14 TeV and 100 TeV
A bstractIn recent years the search for dark matter has intensified with competitive bounds coming from collider searches, direct detection, and indirect detection. Collider searches at the LargeExpand
Phenomenology of the little Higgs model
We study the low-energy phenomenology of the little Higgs model. We first discuss the linearized effective theory of the ``littlest Higgs model'' and study the low-energy constraints on the modelExpand
The Bulk RS KK-gluon at the LHC
We study the possibility of discovering and measuring the properties of the lightest Kaluza-Klein excitation of the gluon in a Randall-Sundrum scenario where the Standard Model matter and gaugeExpand
Strategies to Identify Boosted Tops
We study techniques for identifying highly boosted top jets, where the subsequent top decay products are not isolated. For hadronic boosted tops, we consider variables which probe the jetExpand
Non-relativistic effective theory of dark matter direct detection
Dark matter direct detection searches for signals coming from dark matter scattering against nuclei at a very low recoil energy scale ~ 10 keV. In this paper, a simple non-relativistic effectiveExpand
Mono-Higgs detection of dark matter at the LHC
A bstractMotivated by the recent discovery of the Higgs boson, we investigate the possibility that a missing energy plus Higgs final state is the dominant signal channel for dark matter at the LHC.Expand
Supersymmetry and the LHC inverse problem
Given experimental evidence at the LHC for physics beyond the standard model, how can we determine the nature of the underlying theory? We initiate an approach to studying the ``inverse map from theExpand
Light stau phenomenology and the Higgs γγ rate
A bstractRecently, an excess of events consistent with a Higgs boson with mass of about 125 GeV was reported by the CMS and ATLAS experiments. This Higgs boson mass is consistent with the values thatExpand
Searching for the light dark gauge boson in GeV-scale experiments
We study current constraints and search prospects for a GeV scale vector boson at a range of low energy experiments. It couples to the Standard Model charged particles with a strength ≤ 10−3 − 10−4Expand