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Liver segmentation for CT images using GVF snake.
Accurate liver segmentation on computed tomography (CT) images is a challenging task especially at sites where surrounding tissues (e.g., stomach, kidney) have densities similar to that of the liverExpand
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Dark vs. Dim Silicon and Near-Threshold Computing
We investigate the performance limits of many-core, heterogeneous systems operating at near-threshold voltage. Expand
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Automated diagnosis of prostate cancer in multi-parametric MRI based on multimodal convolutional neural networks.
Automated methods for prostate cancer (PCa) diagnosis in multi-parametric magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs) are critical for alleviating requirements for interpretation of radiographs while helping to improve diagnostic accuracy . Expand
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Marker-controlled watershed for lymphoma segmentation in sequential CT images.
Segmentation of lymphoma containing lymph nodes is a difficult task because of multiple variables associated with the tumor's location, intensity distribution, and contrast to its surroundingExpand
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Mining Experiential Patterns from Game-Logs of Board Game
  • L. Wang, Yu Wang, Y. Li
  • Computer Science
  • Int. J. Comput. Games Technol.
  • 2015
This paper proposes an extensible approach to mine experiential patterns from increasing game-logs. Expand
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GraspCNN: Real-Time Grasp Detection Using a New Oriented Diameter Circle Representation
This paper proposes GraspCNN, an approach to grasp detection where a feasible robotic grasp is detected as an oriented diameter circle in RGB image, using a single convolutional neural network. Expand
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Organocatalytic Dearomative [4 + 2] Cycloadditions of Biomass-Derived 2,5-Dimethylfuran with ortho-Quinone Methides: Access to Multisubstituted Chromanes.
The organocatalytic dearomative [4 + 2] cycloadditions of biomass-derived 2,5-dimethylfuran with ortho-quinone methides were developed, affording two diffferent types of multisubstituted chromanes inExpand
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Estimation of cardiac motion in cine-MRI sequences by correlation transform optical flow of monogenic features distance.
Cine-MRI is widely used for the analysis of cardiac function in clinical routine, because of its high soft tissue contrast and relatively short acquisition time in comparison with other cardiac MRIExpand
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Performance improvement of smooth impact drive mechanism at low voltage utilizing ultrasonic friction reduction.
The smooth impact drive mechanism (SIDM) actuator is traditionally excited by a saw-tooth wave, but it requires large input voltages for high-speed operation and load capacity. To improve the outputExpand
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Current behavioral assessments of movement disorders in children
Pediatric movement disorders (PMDs) are common and have recently received increasing attention. As these disorders have special clinical features, the selection of appropriate behavioral assessmentExpand
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