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Wide-baseline image matching using Line Signatures
We present a wide-baseline image matching approach based on line segments. Line segments are clustered into local groups according to spatial proximity. Each group is treated as a feature called aExpand
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Estimation with missing data: beyond double robustness
We propose an estimator that is more robust than doubly robust estimators, based on weighting complete cases using weights other than inverse probability when estimating the population mean of aExpand
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Trust and Reliance on an Automated Combat Identification System
Objective: We examined the effects of aid reliability and reliability disclosure on human trust in and reliance on a combat identification (CID) aid. We tested whether trust acts as a mediatingExpand
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Clustering query refinements by user intent
We address the problem of clustering the refinements of a user search query. The clusters computed by our proposed algorithm can be used to improve the selection and placement of the queryExpand
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An Autofocus Technique for High-Resolution Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery
For inverse synthetic aperture radar imagery, the inherent sparsity of the scatterers in the range-Doppler domain has been exploited to achieve a high-resolution range profile or Doppler spectrum.Expand
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Neural Network-Based Abstract Generation for Opinions and Arguments
We study the problem of generating abstractive summaries for opinionated text. We propose an attention-based neural network model that is able to absorb information from multiple text units toExpand
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Enhanced ISAR Imaging by Exploiting the Continuity of the Target Scene
This paper presents a novel inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR) imaging method by exploiting the inherent continuity of the scatterers on the target scene to obtain enhanced target images withinExpand
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Quantiles over data streams: an experimental study
A fundamental problem in data management and analysis is to generate descriptions of the distribution of data. It is most common to give such descriptions in terms of the cumulative distribution,Expand
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Separation of micro-Doppler signals based on time frequency filter and Viterbi algorithm
Micro-Doppler (m-D) effect is potential useful in radar target detection, recognition, and classification. While the m-D signals are always multicomponent, it is important to separate the m-D signalsExpand
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Identification and Control for Heart Rate Regulation During Treadmill Exercise
This paper proposes a novel integrated approach for the identification and control of Hammerstein systems to achieve desired heart rate profile tracking performance for an automated treadmill system.Expand
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