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Regulation of cell division and expansion by sugar and auxin signaling
This work summarizes the functional similarities, diversities, and their interactions of sugar and auxin signals in regulating two major processes of plant development: cell division and cell expansion. Expand
A Bernstein type theorem for self-similar shrinkers
In this paper, we prove that smooth self-shrinkers in $${\mathbb R^{n+1}}$$, that are entire graphs, are hyperplanes. Previously, Ecker and Huisken showed that smooth self-shrinkers, that are entireExpand
Evidence That High Activity of Vacuolar Invertase Is Required for Cotton Fiber and Arabidopsis Root Elongation through Osmotic Dependent and Independent Pathways, Respectively1[C][W][OA]
It is concluded that VIN regulates the elongation of cotton fiber and Arabidopsis root in an osmotic dependent and independent manner, respectively. Expand
Understanding and manipulating sucrose phloem loading, unloading, metabolism, and signalling to enhance crop yield and food security.
The current understanding of the control of carbon partitioning from the cellular to whole-plant levels is discussed, focusing on the pathways employed for phloem loading in source leaves, particularly in grasses, and the routes used in sink organs forphloem unloading. Expand
Undifferentiated small round cell sarcomas with rare EWS gene fusions: identification of a novel EWS-SP3 fusion and of additional cases with the EWS-ETV1 and EWS-FEV fusions.
Analysis of these three new cases along with data on nine previously reported cases with fusions of EWS to ETV1, E1AF, or FEV suggest a strong predilection for extraskeletal primary sites, and cloned a novel EWS-SP3 fusion, the first known cancer gene fusion involving a gene of the Sp zinc finger family. Expand
A novel rice C2H2-type zinc finger protein, ZFP36, is a key player involved in abscisic acid-induced antioxidant defence and oxidative stress tolerance in rice
It was found that ZFP36 is required for ABA-induced antioxidant defence and for the regulation of the cross-talk between NADPH oxidase, H2O2, and MAPK in ABA signalling. Expand
Copy number variation of a gene cluster encoding endopolygalacturonase mediates flesh texture and stone adhesion in peach
Highlight Copy number variation at the F-M locus plays a driving role in flesh texture diversification in peach.
Multiple R2R3-MYB Transcription Factors Involved in the Regulation of Anthocyanin Accumulation in Peach Flower
Results indicate that anthocyanin accumulation in peach flower is coordinately regulated by a set of R2R3-MYB genes, which may have diverged in function from the MYB10 genes. Expand
Antiviral peptides from marine gorgonian-derived fungus Aspergillus sp. SCSIO 41501
A new cyclic pentapeptide and three new linear peptides, namely, aspergillipeptides D–G (1–4), were isolated from a culture broth of marine gorgonian-derived fungus Aspergillus sp. SCSIO 41501. TheirExpand
Antisense Oligodeoxynucleotide Inhibition as an Alternative and Convenient Method for Gene Function Analysis in Pollen Tubes
The A-ODN technique was successfully used for gene function analysis in pollen tubes and appears to be an alternative and convenient technique when the in vitro pollen tube is used as the study model. Expand