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Circulating microRNA-1 as a potential novel biomarker for acute myocardial infarction.
Recent studies have revealed the role of microRNAs (miRNAs) in a variety of basic biological and pathological processes and the association of miRNA signatures with human diseases. Circulating miRNAsExpand
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Scan–rescan reliability of subcortical brain volumes derived from automated segmentation
Large‐scale longitudinal studies of regional brain volume require reliable quantification using automated segmentation and labeling. However, repeated MR scanning of the same subject, even if usingExpand
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Association of CTLA-4 gene polymorphisms with sporadic breast cancer in Chinese Han population
BackgroundThe host immunogenetic background plays an important role in the development of breast cancer. Cytotoxic T-lymphocyte antigen-4 (CTLA-4) is a molecule expressed predominantly on activated TExpand
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Role of the inferior frontal cortex in coping with distracting emotions
The role of inferior frontal cortex in coping with emotional distracters presented concurrently with a working memory task was investigated using event-related functional magnetic resonance imaging.Expand
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Jointly Embedding Knowledge Graphs and Logical Rules
Embedding knowledge graphs into continuous vector spaces has recently attracted increasing interest. Most existing methods perform the embedding task using only fact triples. Logical rules, althoughExpand
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Knowledge Graph Embedding with Iterative Guidance from Soft Rules
Embedding knowledge graphs (KGs) into continuous vector spaces is a focus of current research. Combining such an embedding model with logic rules has recently attracted increasing attention. MostExpand
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Cortical deactivation in mild cognitive impairment: high-field-strength functional MR imaging.
PURPOSE To prospectively identify brain regions in which task-related changes in activation during a memory encoding task, measured with functional magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, correlate withExpand
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Group-constrained sparse fMRI connectivity modeling for mild cognitive impairment identification
Emergence of advanced network analysis techniques utilizing resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging (R-fMRI) has enabled a more comprehensive understanding of neurological disorders at aExpand
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Prefrontal mechanisms for executive control over emotional distraction are altered in major depression
A dysfunction in the interaction between executive function and mood regulation has been proposed as the pathophysiology of depression. However, few studies have investigated the alteration in brainExpand
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Large-Scale Hierarchical Text Classification with Recursively Regularized Deep Graph-CNN
Text classification to a hierarchical taxonomy of topics is a common and practical problem. Traditional approaches simply use bag-of-words and have achieved good results. However, when there are aExpand
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