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A signal-amplification circuit between miR-218 and Wnt/β-catenin signal promotes human adipose tissue-derived stem cells osteogenic differentiation.
A regulatory network with a central role for the miR-218 in hASCs osteogenic differentiation is established and a feed-forward regulatory circuit provides additional insight into how miRNAs acting as a signal amplifier interact with signal molecules during hASC osteogenic differentiate. Expand
Renalase prevents AKI independent of amine oxidase activity.
Renalase promotes cell survival and protects against renal injury in mice through the activation of intracellular signaling cascades, independent of its ability to metabolize catecholamines, and it is identified the region of renalase required for these effects. Expand
Regulation of lipid accumulation by AMP-activated kinase [corrected] in high fat diet-induced kidney injury.
High-fat diet contributes to a dysfunction of the lysosomal system and altered lipid metabolism characterized by cholesterol and phospholipid accumulation in the kidney, which normalizes the changes in renal lipid content despite chronic exposure to lipid challenge. Expand
A Salt-Induced Reno-Cerebral Reflex Activates Renin-Angiotensin Systems and Promotes CKD Progression.
  • W. Cao, A. Li, +5 authors F. Hou
  • Medicine
  • Journal of the American Society of Nephrology…
  • 29 January 2015
The data suggest that the renal and cerebral renin-angiotensin axes are interlinked by a reno-cerebral reflex that is activated by salt and promotes oxidative stress, fibrosis, and progression of CKD independent of BP. Expand
Isolation and characterization of collagen from the cartilage of Amur sturgeon (Acipenser schrenckii)
Abstract The collagen in Amur sturgeon cartilage was isolated using sodium chloride (salt-solubilized collagen, SSC, 2.18%), followed by acetic acid (acid-solubilized collagen, ASC, 27.04%) and thenExpand
Ferulic acid increases pain threshold and ameliorates depression-like behaviors in reserpine-treated mice: behavioral and neurobiological analyses
The findings suggest that FA exerts the effects on reserpine-induced pain and depression-like behaviors through regulating monoaminergic system, oxidative/antioxidant defense, inflammatory and apoptotic signaling pathways. Expand
AGR2-mediated lung adenocarcinoma metastasis novel mechanism network through repression with interferon coupling cytoskeleton to steroid metabolism-dependent humoral immune response.
AGR2-mediated lung adenocarcinoma metastasis novel mechanism network through repression with interferon coupling cytoskeleton to steroid metabolism-dependent humoral immune response is proposed. Expand
Active immunization with recombinant GnRH fusion protein in boars reduces both testicular development and mRNA expression levels of GnRH receptor in pituitary.
The data demonstrate that recombinant MBP-GnRH6 was effective in immunological castration in boars and changed both testicular development and transcription of the pituitary GnRH receptor (GnRHR) gene in Boars. Expand
CREB5 Computational Regulation Network Construction and Analysis Between Frontal Cortex of HIV Encephalitis (HIVE) and HIVE-Control Patients
It was datamined that CREB5 regulation cluster of HIVE was involved in inflammatory response, proteolysis, biological adhesion, and negative regulation of biological process without positive regulation of cellular process, phosphotransferase, kinase, post-translational protein modification, ATP binding, transmembrane protein, calcium ion binding, acetylation, and hydrolase activity. Expand
Road extraction from ETM panchromatic image based on Dual-Edge Following
This paper proposes an approach for automatically extracting road from ETM panchromatic image with a resolution of 15 meters based on Dual-Edge Following, which uses the edge detector with embedded confidence and exploits the perceptual organization based on probability to link the road segments. Expand