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Impacts of Urbanization on Stream Habitat and Fish Across Multiple Spatial Scales
We analyzed the relation of the amount and spatial pattern of land cover with stream fish communities, in-stream habitat, and baseflow in 47 small southeastern Wisconsin, USA, watersheds encompassingExpand
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Watershed, reach, and riparian influences on stream fish assemblages in the Northern Lakes and Forest Ecoregion, U.S.A.
We analyzed data from 79 watersheds in an undegraded U.S. ecoregion to identify key environmental factors that explained stream fish assemblage patterns and to evaluate the relative influence ofExpand
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Linkages Between Nutrients and Assemblages of Macroinvertebrates and Fish in Wadeable Streams: Implication to Nutrient Criteria Development
We sampled 240 wadeable streams across Wisconsin for different forms of phosphorus and nitrogen, and assemblages of macroinvertebrates and fish to (1) examine how macroinvertebrate and fish measuresExpand
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Abstract:  Estimating stream temperatures across broad spatial extents is important for regional conservation of running waters. Although statistical models can be useful in this endeavor, littleExpand
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Landscape Based Identification of Human Disturbance Gradients and Reference Conditions for Michigan Streams
Identification of reference streams and human disturbance gradients are crucial steps in assessing the effects of human disturbances on stream health. We describe a process for identifying referenceExpand
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Influences of Watershed Urbanization and Instream Habitat on Macroinvertebrates in Cold Water Streams
: We analyzed data from riffle and snag habitats for 39 small cold water streams with different levels of watershed urbanization in Wisconsin and Minnesota to evaluate the influences of urban landExpand
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Impacts of urbanization on stream habitats and macroinvertebrate communities in the tributaries of Qiangtang River, China
The impacts of watershed urbanization on streams have been studied worldwide, but are rare in China. We examined relationships among watershed land uses and stream physicochemical and biologicalExpand
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Quantitative Identification of Disturbance Thresholds in Support of Aquatic Resource Management
The identification of disturbance thresholds is important for many aspects of aquatic resource management, including the establishment of regulatory criteria and the identification of streamExpand
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Defining and Characterizing Coolwater Streams and Their Fish Assemblages in Michigan and Wisconsin, USA
Abstract Coolwater streams, which are intermediate in character between coldwater “trout” streams and more diverse warmwater streams, occur widely in temperate regions but are poorly understood. WeExpand
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Predicting the summer temperature of small streams in Southwestern Wisconsin
One of the biggest challenges in managing cold water streams in the Midwest is understanding how stream temperature is controlled by the complex interactions among meteorologic pro- cesses, channelExpand
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