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Men behaving differently: South African men since 1994
  • L. Walker
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • Culture, health & sexuality
  • 1 May 2005
Drawing on in‐depth interviews with young African working class men, new masculinities in contemporary South Africa are explored, which examines how men negotiate their manhood in a period of social turbulence and transition. Expand
'We are bitter but we are satisfied': nurses as street-level bureaucrats in South Africa.
The research reveals firstly that nurses' views and values inform their implementation of health policy; secondly that nurses feel excluded from the process of policy change; and finally that social, financial and human resources are insufficiently incorporated into the policy implementation process. Expand
Treading the path of least resistance: HIV/AIDS and social inequalities a South African case study.
It is argued that a mixture and complex interaction of material, social, cultural and behavioural factors shape the nature, process and outcome of the epidemic in South Africa. Expand
'My biggest fear was that people would reject me once they knew my status...': stigma as experienced by patients in an HIV/AIDS clinic in Johannesburg, South Africa.
It is suggested that three decades into the epidemic, stigmatisation remains a core feature of the patient experience of HIV/ AIDS, thus impacting on the daily lives of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). Expand
Living with death in a time of AIDS: A rural South African case study
This study points to the centrality of cultural explanations in understanding ``bad death'' (AIDS death) in the Agincourt area, where physical illness is understood to be a symptom of ``cultural damage''. Expand
Waiting to Happen: HIV/AIDS in South Africa
Introduction Sex and power in South Africa 'An epidemic waiting to happen' Cultural collisions: popular understandings of HIV/AIDS Popular explanations of HIV/AIDS Confronting the Epidemic Index.
Sex and secrecy: A focus on African sexualities
Sexual behaviour and attitudes towards sexuality often reveal wider social anxieties and tensions. In the Southern African region, an area experiencing rapid social transformation, such tensions ar...
HIV/AIDS in South Africa: an overview.
This paper presents an overview of the development of HIV/AIDS in South Africa, taking into consideration the social context and analyzing the factors most likely to have influenced its spread asExpand
Men behaving differently
Baby rape - unmasking secrets of sexual violence in post-apartheid South Africa by Deborah Posel masculine domination in sexual violence - interpreting accounts of three cases of rape in the SouthExpand