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Genome-wide Expression Profiling of the Response to Polyene, Pyrimidine, Azole, and Echinocandin Antifungal Agents in Saccharomyces cerevisiae*
Antifungal compounds exert their activity through a variety of mechanisms, some of which are poorly understood. Novel approaches to characterize the mechanism of action of antifungal agents will beExpand
Ephedra in perspective – a current review
Although the traditional use of Ephedra ‘ma huang’ has been established for thousands of years, its resurgencein the US as a herbal dietary supplement is currently a matter of national controversy.Expand
Biologically active quassinoids and their chemistry: potential leads for drug design.
Quassinoids are highly oxygenated triterpenes, which were isolated as bitter principles from the plants of Simaroubaceae family. Their synthesis has attracted much attention because of the wideExpand
Targeting the hemozoin synthesis pathway for new antimalarial drug discovery: technologies for in vitro beta-hematin formation assay.
  • B. Tekwani, L. Walker
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Combinatorial chemistry & high throughput…
  • 31 January 2005
Clinical manifestations of malaria primarily result from proliferation of the parasite within the hosts' erythrocytes. During this process, hemoglobin is utilized as the predominant source ofExpand
Antimicrobial and Antileishmanial Activities of Hypocrellins A and B
ABSTRACT Hypocrellins A and B were evaluated for in vitro antimicrobial and antileishmanial activities. Hypocrellin A exhibited promising activity against Candida albicans and moderate activityExpand
Natural products inhibiting Candida albicans secreted aspartic proteases from Lycopodium cernuum.
Activity-guided fractionation of an ethanol extract of Lycopodium cernuum for Candida albicans secreted aspartic proteases (SAP) inhibition resulted in the identification of six new (1-6) and fourExpand
The metabolism of primaquine to its active metabolite is dependent on CYP 2D6
BackgroundThe efficacy of the 8-aminoquinoline (8AQ) drug primaquine (PQ) has been historically linked to CYP-mediated metabolism. Although to date no clear evidence exists in the literature thatExpand
CYP450 phenotyping and accurate mass identification of metabolites of the 8-aminoquinoline, anti-malarial drug primaquine
BackgroundThe 8-aminoquinoline (8AQ) drug primaquine (PQ) is currently the only approved drug effective against the persistent liver stage of the hypnozoite forming strains Plasmodium vivax andExpand
Epigenetic events associated with breast cancer and their prevention by dietary components targeting the epigenome.
Aberrant epigenetic alterations in the genome such as DNA methylation and chromatin remodeling play a significant role in breast cancer development. Since epigenetic alterations are considered to beExpand
Fatty acid synthase inhibitors from plants: isolation, structure elucidation, and SAR studies.
Fatty acid synthase (FAS) has been identified as a potential antifungal target. FAS prepared from Saccharomyces cerevisiae was employed for bioactivity-guided fractionation of ChlorophoraExpand