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Fusion of high spatial and spectral resolution images : The ARSIS concept and its implementation
In various applications of remote sensing, when high spatial resolution is required in addition with classification results, sensorfusion is a solution. From a set of images with different spatialExpand
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A Critical Comparison Among Pansharpening Algorithms
Pansharpening aims at fusing a multispectral and a panchromatic image, featuring the result of the processing with the spectral resolution of the former and the spatial resolution of the latter. InExpand
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Quality of high resolution synthesised images: Is there a simple criterion ?
Methods exist which are synthesizing high spatial resolution high spectral content images from a set of low spatial resolution high spectral content images and high spatial resolution low spectralExpand
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Data Fusion. Definitions and Architectures - Fusion of Images of Different Spatial Resolutions
Data fusion is a formal framework in which are expressed the means and tools for the alliance of data originating from different sources. It means an approach to information extraction spontaneouslyExpand
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Comparison of Pansharpening Algorithms: Outcome of the 2006 GRS-S Data-Fusion Contest
In January 2006, the Data Fusion Committee of the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society launched a public contest for pansharpening algorithms, which aimed to identify the ones that performExpand
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Fusion of satellite images of different spatial resolutions: Assessing the quality of resulting images
Methods have been proposed to produce multispectral images with enhanced spatial resolution using one or more images of the same scene of better spatial resolution. Assuming that the main concern ofExpand
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Image fusion—the ARSIS concept and some successful implementation schemes
This article aims at explaining the ARSIS concept. By fusing two sets of images A and B, one with a high spatial resolution, the other with a low spatial resolution and different spectral bands, theExpand
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Synthesis of Multispectral Images to High Spatial Resolution: A Critical Review of Fusion Methods Based on Remote Sensing Physics
Our framework is the synthesis of multispectral images (MS) at higher spatial resolution, which should be as close as possible to those that would have been acquired by the corresponding sensors ifExpand
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A method for the determination of the global solar radiation from meteorological satellite data
Abstract A statistical method is presented for the determination of the global solar radiation at ground level. It makes use of data from the meteorological satellites, which provide extensiveExpand
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On the clear sky model of the ESRA — European Solar Radiation Atlas — with respect to the heliosat method
Abstract This paper presents a clear-sky model, which has been developed in the framework of the new digital European Solar Radiation Atlas (ESRA). This ESRA model is described and analysed with theExpand
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