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The effects of multidisciplinary rehabilitation: RePCa—a randomised study among primary prostate cancer patients
Background:The objective of this study is the effectiveness of multidisciplinary rehabilitation on treatment-related adverse effects after completed radiotherapy in patients with prostate cancerExpand
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Diasporic visitor, diasporic tourist. Post-migrant generation Moroccans on holiday at ‘home’ in Morocco
Les membres de diasporas qui se rendent en visite dans leur pays d’origine eprouvent souvent le sentiment paradoxal d’etre « touristes dans leur propre pays ». Cet article explore ce paradoxe aExpand
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Expanding transnational care networks: comparing caring for families with caring for homes
Although many factors may motivate a migrant to own a house in their country of origin, significant practical labour is needed to maintain it, as both a material structure intended for shelter and asExpand
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Rhythms of a Transnational Marriage: Temporal Topologies of Borders in a Knowledge Migrant Family
The practices and qualities that constitute a successfully married couple are both difficult to identify, and difficult to embody. Melding two lives into one family requires synchronization ofExpand
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Viscous automobilities: diasporic practices and vehicular assemblages of visiting ‘home’
Abstract This paper analyzes how leisure practices of diasporic visitors cut viscous trails of car-based consumption through Morocco. During ethnography of summer holidays with Moroccan-originExpand
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Orexin mediates initiation of sexual behavior in sexually naive male rats, but is not critical for sexual performance
The hypothalamic neuropeptide orexin mediates arousal, sleep, and naturally rewarding behaviors, including food intake. Male sexual behavior is altered by orexin receptor-1 agonists or antagonists,Expand
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Embracing life after prostate cancer. A male perspective on treatment and rehabilitation.
This study explores prostate cancer patients' experiences of rehabilitation after radiotherapy with androgen deprivation therapy (ADT). Patients who had completed a multidisciplinary rehabilitationExpand
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Advanced cancer patients' self-assessed physical and emotional problems on admission and discharge from hospital general wards--a questionnaire study.
Most cancer patients receiving life-prolonging or palliative treatment are offered non-specialist palliative services. There is a lack of knowledge about their problem profile. The aim of thisExpand
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