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Weak Gravitational Lensing with COSMOS: Galaxy Selection and Shape Measurements
With a primary goal of conducting precision weak-lensing measurements from space, the COSMOS survey has imaged the largest contiguous area observed by Hubble Space Telescope to date, using theExpand
CFHTLenS: the Canada–France–Hawaii Telescope Lensing Survey
We present the Canada–France–Hawaii Telescope Lensing Survey (CFHTLenS) that accurately determines a weak gravitational lensing signal from the full 154 deg^2 of deep multicolour data obtained by theExpand
KiDS-450: cosmological parameter constraints from tomographic weak gravitational lensing
We present cosmological parameter constraints from a tomographic weak gravitational lensing analysis of ~450deg$^2$ of imaging data from the Kilo Degree Survey (KiDS). For a flat $\Lambda$CDMExpand
COSMOS: Hubble Space Telescope Observations
The Cosmic Evolution Survey (COSMOS) was initiated with an extensive allocation (590 orbits in Cycles 12-13) using the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) for high-resolution imaging. Here we review theExpand
CFHTLenS tomographic weak lensing cosmological parameter constraints: Mitigating the impact of intrinsic galaxy alignments
We present a finely-binned tomographic weak lensing analysis of the Canada-FranceHawaii Telescope Lensing Survey, CFHTLenS, mitigating contamination to the signal from the presence of intrinsicExpand
Cosmic shear, i.e. the distortion of images of high-redshift galaxies through the tidal gravitational field of the large-scale matter distribution in the Universe, offers the opportunity to measureExpand
CFHTLenS: combined probe cosmological model comparison using 2D weak gravitational lensing
We present cosmological constraints from 2D weak gravitational lensing by the large-scale structure in the Canada–France–Hawaii Telescope Lensing Survey (CFHTLenS) which spans 154 deg^2 in fiveExpand
Likelihood analysis of cosmic shear on simulated and VIRMOS-DESCART data
We present a maximum likelihood analysis of cosmological parameters from measurements of the aperture mass up to 35 arcmin using simulated and real cosmic shear data. A four-dimensional parameterExpand
CFHTLenS: the Canada–France–Hawaii Telescope Lensing Survey – imaging data and catalogue products
We present data products from the Canada–France–Hawaii Telescope Lensing Survey (CFHTLenS). CFHTLenS is based on the Wide component of the Canada–France–Hawaii Telescope Legacy Survey (CFHTLS). ItExpand
Very weak lensing in the CFHTLS Wide: Cosmology from cosmic shear in the linear regime
Aims. We present an exploration of weak lensing by large-scale structure in the linear regime, using the third-year (T0003) CFHTLS Wide data release. Our results place tight constraints on theExpand