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Silver alloy wire bonding
In semiconductor packaging, wire bonding is the main technology for electrical connections between chip and leadframe or substrate. Gold wire bonding has the advantages of a fast bonding process,Expand
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Distributions and assemblages of microbial communities along a sediment core retrieved from a potential hydrate-bearing region offshore southwestern Taiwan
Abstract Assessing the impacts of methane released from hydrate-bearing environments on global carbon cycling would require detailed insights into the distributions and capacities of microbialExpand
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Ag alloy wire characteristic and benefits
Gold wire has been high volume production in IC packaging industry. With soaring price of gold in recent years and IC packaging search for cost reduction, copper wire offers 2nd alternative for wireExpand
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Systematic Status of Agehana elwesi f. cavaleriei Based on Morphological and Molecular Evidence
Agehana swallowtail butterflies are unusual in having 2 veins present in the broad lobe-like "tail" of their hindwing. Of the 2 species currently recognized in this genus, A. maraho is generallyExpand
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Ion-implantation technology for improved GaAs MESFETs performance
Electrical properties of Si-implanted and co-implanted with Mg or Be in semi-insulating GaAs was studied. The Si-implanted MESFETs with and without buried p-layer (formed by Mg or Be) have beenExpand
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Cost-performance wafer thinning technology
Considering their ease of carrying, consumers love to purchase the portable consumer product, like a Cell phone, DSC, Camcorder etc, with the features of light weight, small size and multi-function.Expand
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InGaN/GaN multi-quantum dot light-emitting diodes
Abstract It has been demonstrated that InGaN/GaN blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs) with multiple quantum dot (MQD) were successfully fabricated by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition. We haveExpand
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Innovative stack-die package - S2BGA
The stack-die package concept emerged 2/spl sim/3 years ago. The major product a stack-die package with flash and SRAM chips integrated together, used in cellular phones for the purpose of size andExpand
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Quasi-Static Tensile Properties and Damage Mechanism of Three-Dimensional Angle-Interlock Woven Composites
The uniaxial tensile properties of three-dimensional angle-interlock woven composites (3DAWCs) under quasi-static loading were investigated in this paper. The samples were manufactured into dog-boneExpand