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Excitability of cortical afferent systems during barbiturate anesthesia.
  • L. W. Jarcho
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of neurophysiology
  • 1 November 1949
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Neuropathy in lymphoblastic leukemia treated with vincristine.
Vincristine INCRISTINE sulfate (Oncovin), an alkaloid isolated fromVinca rosea, has proven oncolytic activity in experimental and human neoplasms. Its main drawback in the treatment of human beingsExpand
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Persistent dyskinesias following phenothiazine therapy. Report of five cases and a review of the literature.
A SIGNAL advance in the care of the mentally ill has been the introduction of the psychopharmacological agents, particularly the phenothiazine group of drugs. 1 With the accumulation of clinicalExpand
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Some three years ago, Barlow and Ing‘ and Paton and Zaimis2 introduced a series of biologically active, synthetic compounds, a family of straightchain carbon compounds containing a quaternaryExpand
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Sex Difference in the Response of Rats to Sodium Pentobarbital.∗
Conclusion Adult male rats require significantly larger amounts of sodium pentobarbital than do females for the maintenance of deep surgical anesthesia.
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Language-induced epilepsy: report of a case.
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