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The effects of CTR-24, a biphasic oral contraceptive combination, compared to Diane-35 in women with acne.
In both treatment groups, a decrease in total testosterone and 3 alpha-17 beta-androstanediol glucuronide was observed and an increase in SHBG was observed, which was statistically significantly more pronounced in the Diane-35 group. Expand
Historical Data Analyses and Scientific Knowledge Suggest Complete Removal of the Abnormal Toxicity Test as a Quality Control Test
It is recommended that the abnormal toxicity test should be consistently omitted world-wide and be removed from pharmacopoeias and other regulatory requirements. Expand
Shaping medicinal product information: a before and after study exploring physicians’ perspectives on the summary of product characteristics
This research contributes to the development of an official, reliable medicinal product information system meeting the needs of a modern information society while providing the reliability of an officially authorised source. Expand