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Beyond the wasp‐waist: structural diversity and phylogenetic significance of the mesosoma in apocritan wasps (Insecta: Hymenoptera)
A comprehensive data set of hymenopteran mesosomal anatomy is presented and analysed. Eighty-nine taxa, including three outgroups, were scored for 273 characters. Analyses were carried out underExpand
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Phylogenetic relationships among superfamilies of Hymenoptera
The first comprehensive analysis of higher‐level phylogeny of the order Hymenoptera is presented. The analysis includes representatives of all extant superfamilies, scored for 392 morphologicalExpand
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Phylogeny and classification of the extant basal lineages of the Hymenoptera (Insecta)
The phylogeny of the basal hymenopteran lineages, including representatives of all «symphytan» families, is analysed. In total, 236 morphological characters were scored for 44 exemplars, includingExpand
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The Hymenopteran Tree of Life: Evidence from Protein-Coding Genes and Objectively Aligned Ribosomal Data
Previous molecular analyses of higher hymenopteran relationships have largely been based on subjectively aligned ribosomal sequences (18S and 28S). Here, we reanalyze the 18S and 28S data (unalignedExpand
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The ovipositor apparatus of basal Hymenoptera (Insecta): phylogenetic implications and functional morphology
The skeleto‐musculature of the ovipositor apparatus and the external sculpture of the 1st and 2nd valvulae was studied in representatives from all ‘symphytan’ families. Nineteen informativeExpand
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The Greenland entomofauna : an identification manual of insects, spiders and their allies
In 'The Greenland Entomofauna' an international team of 64 taxonomic specialists provide a richly illustrated guide to the identification of the approximately 1200 species of hexapods/insects,Expand
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The preoral cavity of lower Hymenoptera (Insecta): comparative morphology and phylogenetic significance
The skeletal and muscular morphology of the preoral cavity, including the labrum, hypopharynx and labium, was examined in the imago in representatives of all the ‘symphytan’ families as well as theExpand
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Morphological and molecular evidence converge upon a robust phylogeny of the megadiverse Holometabola
We present the largest morphological character set ever compiled for Holometabola. This was made possible through an optimized acquisition of data. Based on our analyses and recently publishedExpand
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Cervical and prothoracic skeleto-musculature in the basal Hymenoptera (Insecta): Comparative anatomy and phylogenetic implications.
Cervical and prothoracic skeleto-musculature in the basal Hymenoptera (Insecta): Comparative anatomy and phylogenetic implications.
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Mouthpart evolution in adults of the basal, «symphytan», hymenopteran lineages
We review feeding biology and mouthpart structure generally among adults of the basal hymenopteran, or «symphytan», lineages (sawflies, woodwasps, horntails and their relatives). These insects feedExpand
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