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Bromeliaceae diversity and conservation in Minas Gerais state, Brazil
Field work and data from herbaria collections (2686 records) representing 283 taxa (265 species and 18 infraspecific taxa) of Bromeliaceae occurring at Minas Gerais state, southeastern Brazil, were
Diversity in Minas Gerais state, Brazil, is discussed, and a checklist is provided of the 27 genera, 265 species, and 18 infraspecific taxa found there.
Population genetics of the endemic and endangered Vriesea minarum (Bromeliaceae) in the Iron Quadrangle, Espinhaço Range, Brazil.
Gene flow among populations is high but, given the rate of habitat loss to mining, most populations are vulnerable and will become increasingly isolated if no action is taken to preserve them.
Alcantarea (Bromeliaceae) leaf anatomical characterization and its systematic implications
Alcantarea (Bromeliaceae) has 26 species that are endemic to eastern Brazil, occurring mainly on gneiss–granitic rock outcrops (‘inselbergs’). Alcantarea has great ornamental potential and several
Checklist and one new species of Bromeliaceae from Pico do Itambé, Minas Gerais, Brazil
A checklist of the 11 genera and 16 species of Bromeliaceae from the Parque Estadual do Pico do Itambe in Santo Antonio do Itambe and Serra Azul de Minas, Minas Gerais, south-eastern Brazil, is
Extension of the Cryptanthus range in Northeastern Brazil with new findings in the phenotypic variation including changes in the trichome’s distribution, thus enhancing the understanding of the
It is documented here that banded leaves can become glabrescent and that green and red-maroon leaves (treated as forms) may occur on the same shoot, which is important for future biogeographic works when considering Bromelioideae genera distribution in Eastern Brazil center of diversification.
Lapanthus (Bromeliaceae, Bromelioideae): A New Genus from the Southern Espinhaço Range, Brazil
A new genus of Bromeliaceae, Lapanthus is described, restricted to the southern portion of the Espinhaço Range, Minas Gerais State, in southeastern Brazil, and two new combinations to accommodate species previously described in the genera Orthophytum and Cryptanthus and one new synonym are proposed.
Brazilian plants urgently needing conservation: the case of Vriesea minarum (Bromeliaceae)
Taxonomic notes and the redefining of V. minarum are presented based on the survey of 22 herbaria collections and fieldwork and a morphometric approach allowed us to better delimit the related taxa.
Gene flow and diversification in a species complex of Alcantarea inselberg bromeliads
The data support the hypothesis that gene flow has contributed to the origin of phenotypic forms in the giant bromeliad A. imperialis s.l. species complex and suggest widespread and asymmetric interspecific gene flow in the studied species complex.