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Language proficiency and reading ability in first- and second-language learners
The purpose of the present study was to investigate the development of and interrelations between the language proficiencies and reading abilities of children learning to read in either a firstExpand
Components in Early Second Language Reading and Spelling
The results showed that the minority children kept up with the native Dutch-speaking children on word blending and word decoding tasks, but were found to be less efficient than their monolingual Dutch peers on word spelling and reading comprehension. Expand
Transfer in Bilingual Development: The Linguistic Interdependence Hypothesis Revisited
This study aimed to find empirical evidence for the linguistic interdependence hypothesis, which states that in bilingual development, language and literacy skills can be transferred from oneExpand
Acquisition of reading in a second language
THE PURPOSE of this longitudinal study was to investigate differences in reading acquisition processes between children learning to read in their native language and children learning to read in aExpand
Early bilingualism, language transfer, and phonological awareness
The purpose of the present study was to investigate the relations between early bilingualism and phonological awareness in a sample of 75 Turkish–Dutch bilingual kindergarten children living in TheExpand
Cross-linguistic perspectives on the development of text-production abilities: Speech and writing
The studies reported in this volume of WL&L (5: 1–2, 2002) all derive from a joint project entitled “Developing literacy in different contexts and in different languages”, funded by the SpencerExpand
Advances in Text Comprehension: Model, Process and Development
To a very large extent, children learn in and out of school from written text. Information Communications Technologies (ICT) offers many possibilities to facilitate learning by confronting childrenExpand
Literacy and Motivation : Reading Engagement in individuals and Groups
Contents: L. Verhoeven, C.E. Snow, Introduction--Literacy and Motivation: Bridging Cognitive and Sociocultural Viewpoints. Part I:The Social and Affective Context of Literacy Development. D. Barton,Expand
Predictors of reading and spelling abilities in first and second language learners
This study examined the basic literacy skills and related processes of 1st- through 4th-grade children speaking English as a 1st language (L1) and English as a 2nd language (ESL). The performances ofExpand
Child and Home Predictors of Early Numeracy Skills in Kindergarten.
Abstract The present study investigated the influence of home numeracy experiences on early numeracy skills in kindergarten after controlling for cognitive and linguistic precursors. Eighty-nineExpand