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Geopolymerization reaction to consolidate incoherent pozzolanic soil
Pozzolanic material-based geopolymer has been proposed as a solving methodology to the geohazards, due to pozzolanic collapsible soils widely present in the South Italy. The geopolymer wasExpand
Plasticizing and Reinforcing Features of Siloxane Domains in Amine‐Cured Epoxy/Silica Hybrids
Organic/inorganic hybrid materials comprising an amine-epoxide network and siloxane domains are produced by the sol/gel method. The presence of both plasticizing flexible linear siloxane sequencesExpand
Effect of supramolecular structures on thermoplastic zein-lignin bionanocomposites.
The effect of alkaline lignin (AL) and sodium lignosulfonate (LSS) on the structure of thermoplastic zein (TPZ) was studied. Protein structural changes and the nature of the physical interactionExpand
A novel hybrid PU-alumina flexible foam with superior hydrophilicity and adsorption of carcinogenic compounds from tobacco smoke
Abstract A novel porous polyurethane (PU) hybrid foam was designed to improve the hydrophilicity of a conventional open pore PU foam, and to enhance the adsorption of carcinogenic compounds fromExpand
Functional Zein–Siloxane Bio-Hybrids
Bio-hybrid films have been prepared by a sol–gel method starting from thermoplasticized zein (TPZ) and 3-glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane (GOTMS). A two-step procedure was adopted including the silaneExpand
Polyurethane Nanocomposite Foams: Correlation Between Nanofillers, Porous Morphology, and Structural and Functional Properties
Abstract Polyurethane foams represent one of the most versatile classes of polymeric materials currently used in several application fields. By tailoring polyurethane formulations, it is possible toExpand
Effects of the addition of LiCl, LiClO4, and LiCF3SO3 salts on the chemical structure, density, electrical, and mechanical properties of rigid polyurethane foam composite
The effect of the incorporation of several lithium salts on the electrical and mechanical properties of polyurethane rigid (PUR) foams was investigated. Different amounts of lithium chloride (LiCl),Expand
Natural fiber reinforced inorganic foam composites from short hemp bast fibers obtained by mechanical decortation of unretted stems from the wastes of hemp cultivations
Abstract The wettability of hemp fibers, to be applied in fiber-reinforced foams, can be improved with several chemical treatments. In this paper, a innovative treatment with sodium ascorbate wasExpand
Treatment and recycling of asbestos-cement containing waste.
The remediation of industrial buildings covered with asbestos-cement roofs is one of the most important issues in asbestos risk management. The relevant Italian Directives call for the above waste toExpand
Optimization of dye adsorption capacity and mechanical strength of chitosan aerogels through crosslinking strategy and graphene oxide addition.
Chitosan (CS) aerogels were prepared by freeze-drying as potential adsorbents for water purification, and the effect of the strategy of crosslinking was investigated by varying the amount ofExpand