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Sonographic evaluation of infiltrating lobular carcinoma.
High-resolution sonography of the breast is a useful adjunct in the evaluation of ILC, a neoplasm that frequently presents a clinical and mammographic diagnostic challenge. Expand
Automatic segmentation of breast lesions on ultrasound.
A computationally efficient segmentation algorithm for breast masses on sonography that is based on maximizing a utility function over partition margins defined through gray-value thresholding of a preprocessed image is presented. Expand
Are malignant cells displaced by large-gauge needle core biopsy of the breast?
Tumor cell displacement was observed in 32% of patients who had undergone large-gauge needle core biopsy, and this relation suggests that tumor cells do not survive displacement. Expand
Computerized diagnosis of breast lesions on ultrasound.
We present a computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) method for breast lesions on ultrasound that is based on the automatic segmentation of lesions and the automatic extraction of four features related to theExpand
Imaging features of focal breast fibrosis: mammographic-pathologic correlation of noncalcified breast lesions.
Focal fibrosis often presents as a noncalcified mass on mammography or sonography, and the diagnosis of focal fibrosis on core needle biopsy can be considered concordant for a mass exhibiting well-circumscribed or partially obscured margins. Expand
Sonographic evaluation of the breast.
The most important function of breast US is differentiating a cyst from a solid lesion, which is also useful for evaluating a palpable mass in either young patients (< 30 years old) or those with dense breasts and negative mammographic results. Expand
Management of complex breast cysts.
The low yield of malignancy in this series suggests that complex cysts can be managed with follow-up imaging studies instead of intervention. Expand
Cost minimization study of image-guided core biopsy versus surgical excisional biopsy for women with abnormal mammograms.
Image-guided core biopsy can be cost-saving compared with surgical biopsy, particularly when the mammographic abnormality is classified as low suspicion or consists of calcifications or masses, and overall for patients who underwent lumpectomy alone. Expand
Rates and causes of disagreement in interpretation of full-field digital mammography and film-screen mammography in a diagnostic setting.
The most frequent cause of disagreement in interpretation was a difference in management approach between radiologists (interobserver variability). Expand
Congenital and Acquired Lung Hernias
The diagnosis of a lung herniation is accomplished using chest radiographs in the most cases, and surgery is usually reserved for large hernias or incarceratedHernias. Expand