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A preliminary overview of the Diaporthales based on large subunit nuclear ribosomal DNA sequences
The ascomycete order Diaporthales includes a number of plant pathogenic fungi such as Cryphonectria parasitica, the chestnut blight fungus, as well as many asexually reproducing fungi without knownExpand
Notes for genera: Ascomycota
This work is intended to provide the foundation for updating the ascomycete component of the “Without prejudice list of generic names of Fungi” published in 2013, which will be developed into a list of protected generic names. Expand
Diatrypella macrospora sp. nov. and new records of diatrypaceous fungi from Iran
Six diatrypaceous species from Iran are described and illustrations of microscopic characters, ITS sequence data and taxonomic notes are provided for these newly reported taxa. Expand
The genus Pyrenomyxa and its affinities to other cleistocarpous Hypoxyloideae as inferred from morphological and chemical traits.
Types and authentic specimens of Hypoxylon piceum, Pulveria porrecta, and Pyrenomyxa invocans were studied for morphological traits and extrolite (= secondary metabolite) profiles generated byExpand
Amphirosellinia gen. nov. and a new species of Entoleuca.
The new genus Amphirosellinia is erected to include five xylariaceous fungi with erumpent or immersed perithecioid stromata and Entoleuca ellisii also is described as new, which readily can be separated from the known species in the genus by its smaller ascospore size range and short ascospores germ slit. Expand
Pyrenomycetes of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. IV. Biscogniauxia, Camaropella, Camarops, Camillea, Peridoxylon and Whalleya
The concept of Diatrype as delimited by Rappaz (1987b) is somewhat problematic, with in some instances no clear separation between this genus and either Eutypa Tul. Expand
The family Diatrypaceae (Ascomycota) in Argentina: new species and new records
Six diatrypaceous species occurring in Argentina are discussed in this paper and three new species (Diatrype gigantospora, D. wrightii, Eutypa iguazensii) and a new variety are described and illustrated. Expand
Valsa mali Miyabe et Yamada, the Causal Fungus of Apple Tree Canker in East Asia
The distribution, host restriction, and taxonomic position of Valsa mali are discussed. Expand