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Proliferation-dependent cytotoxicity of anticancer agents: a review.
In this review, the cellular aspects of this differential sensitivity of proliferating cells are discussed with the hemopoietic stem cell population and tissue culture cells as the focus for the analysis. Expand
Factors influencing the quantitative estimation of the in vivo survival of cells from solid tumors.
Enhancement by drugs of metastatic lung nodule formation after intravenous tumour cell injection
This finding confirms the observation of others that major modification of the resistance to metastatic tumour formation can occur independently of classical immunological mechanisms. Expand
The radioprotective action on bone marrow CFU during immobilization of mice.
It is shown that hypoxia of the femur bone marrow cannot explain the decreased radiosensitivity of the stem cells during pentobarbital anesthesia, and the hypoxic cell radiosensitizer Ro-07-0582 reversed the radioprotective effect during restraint without anesthesia. Expand
Factors determining cell killing by chemotherapeutic agents in vivo. II. Melphalan, chlorambucil and nitrogen mustard.
It is suggested that repair of damaged DNA, by excision of alkylated bases or oligonucleotides before the damage becomes irreversible during the next DNA synthetic period, is the most likely explanation of the uniform difference in sensitivity caused by the modified rate of cell proliferation. Expand
External carotid artery infusion with single‐and multiple‐drug regimens in the rat
It is concluded that IA administration of effective cytotoxic drugs is a superior treatment modality and that in this model IA intermittent multiple‐drug therapy is the most successful schedule yet studied. Expand
The facilitation of tumour growth in the lung by cyclophosphamide in artificial and spontaneous metastases models.
Results presented here show that treatment with cyclophosphamide after i.v. inoculation of tumour cells could also decrease host resistance against growth of lung colonies, which is quantitatively negligible in comparison to the antitumour effect of the drug. Expand
Experimental studies on the combination of radiation and chemotherapy.
Experimental studies were performed to evaluate the effect of approximately simultaneous application of radiation and a number of widely used cytostatic agents and so far no agent was identified which showed potentiation in all malignant cell systems tested. Expand