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Holocene and late-Pleistocene sedimentation in the Adriatic Sea
ZusammenfassungEine kurze Übersicht wird gegeben über die sedimentologische Kenntnis der Adria (mit Ausnahme der jugoslawischen und albanischen Küstengewässer).Geophysikalische Untersuchungen zeigen,Expand
Sedimentation in Tidal Flat Areas
ABSTRACT This paper gives a brief summary of the main sedimentological properties of recent Dutch tidal flat formations, both in the estuarine river mouths in the southwest of the Netherlands, and onExpand
Composition and structure of recent marine sediments in the Netherlands
Ch. I. The environment of the Dutch Wadden Sea, as well as that of the estuaries in the southwestern part of the Netherlands can be divided into three sub-zones: (1) the channel floors (sensu lato),Expand
Tidal Action as a Cause of Clay Accumulation
ABSTRACT The tidal flats on the southeastern border of the North Sea are developed behind a chain of barrier islands. In this area the grain size of the sand decreases from the inlets towards theExpand
Longitudinal ripple marks in mud and sand
ABSTRACT In the shallow Waddensea, off the coasts of Holland, Germany, and Denmark, the bottom is uncovered during ordinary low tide. Observations and measurements of ripple marks in both mud andExpand
Solution of aragonite in a core from the Southeastern Adriatic Sea
Abstract A core from the lower part of the continental slope in the southwestern Adriatic Sea is described, in which, between 12 and 72 cm depth, partial Solution of calcareous organic remains hasExpand
Malacology and palynology of two cores from the Adriatic Sea floor
Abstract The distribution of pollen and mollusc remains contained in two cores from the Adriatic Sea points to approximate contemporaneity of climatological and hydrological changes during the LateExpand
Some recent advances in the study of deltaic sedimentation
Recent advances in delta sedimentology are briefly summarized. Most of the review is based on data that have been published elsewhere. Some new information is presented concerning the Rhǒne delta,Expand