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A quantitative theory of organic growth
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Quantitative Laws in Metabolism and Growth
T _ HE work reviewed in this paper is aimed at establishing connections between two fundamental aspects of living organisms, their metabolism and growth. What we call growth of even a simple organismExpand
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The theory of open systems in physics and biology.
F ROM THE PHYSICAL POINT OF VIEW, the characteristic state of the living organism is that of an open system. A system is closed if no material enters or leaves it; it is open if there is import andExpand
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The History and State of General Systems Theory
In a certain sense it can be said that the notion of system is as old as European philosophy. If we try to define the central motif in the birth of philosophical-scientific thinking with the IonianExpand
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General Systems Theory
to look at the systems idea not as an ephemeral fashion or recent technique, but in the context of the history of ideas. (For an introduction and a survey of the field see [15], with an extensiveExpand
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Metabolic Types and Growth Types
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Untersuchungen Über die Gesetzlichkeit des Wachstums
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Tissue respiration, growth and basal metabolism.
1. The relation between tissue respiration and body size was investigated in the rat. Determinations of Qo2 were made on heart, lung, liver, kidney cortex, brain cortex, diaphragm, and thymus ofExpand
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Organismic psychology and systems theory
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Basic concepts in quantitative biology of metabolism
KurzfassungIn der quantitativen Erforschung des Stoffwechsels werden begriffliche Modelle zur Anordnung, Erklärung und Vorhersage der beobachteten Daten benötigt. Vier solcher Modelle werdenExpand
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