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Water balance of global aquifers revealed by groundwater footprint
The groundwater footprint is the first tool suitable for consistently evaluating the use, renewal and ecosystem requirements of groundwater at an aquifer scale and can be combined with the water footprint and virtual water calculations, and be used to assess the potential for increasing agricultural yields with renewable groundwater. Expand
Global depletion of groundwater resources
[1] In regions with frequent water stress and large aquifer systems groundwater is often used as an additional water source. If groundwater abstraction exceeds the natural groundwater recharge forExpand
Use of LIDAR‐derived images for mapping old landslides under forest
Large, deep-seated landslides are common features in the Flemish Ardennes (Belgium). As most of these old (>100 years) landslides are located under forest in this hilly region, aerial photographExpand
Global monthly water stress: 2. Water demand and severity of water stress
[1] This paper assesses global water stress at a finer temporal scale compared to conventional assessments. To calculate time series of global water stress at a monthly time scale, global waterExpand
A view on some hydrological triggering systems in landslides
Abstract In this paper different types of hydrological triggering systems for debris flows, shallow and deeper landslides are described. The generation of surface run-off and high peak discharges inExpand
Past and future contribution of global groundwater depletion to sea-level rise
[1] Recent studies suggest the increasing contribution of groundwater depletion to global sea-level rise. Groundwater depletion has more than doubled during the last decades, primarily due toExpand
Global monthly water stress: 1. Water balance and water availability
[1] Surface fresh water (i.e., blue water) is a vital and indispensable resource for human water use in the agricultural, industrial, and domestic sectors. In this paper, global water availability isExpand
A glimpse beneath earth's surface: GLobal HYdrogeology MaPS (GLHYMPS) of permeability and porosity
The lack of robust, spatially distributed subsurface data is the key obstacle limiting the implementation of complex and realistic groundwater dynamics into global land surface, hydrologic, andExpand
Mapping permeability over the surface of the Earth
[1] Permeability, the ease of fluid flow through porous rocks and soils, is a fundamental but often poorly quantified component in the analysis of regional-scale water fluxes. Permeability isExpand
Observation and Simulation of Root Reinforcement on Abandoned Mediterranean Slopes
The mechanics of root reinforcement have been described satisfactorily for a single root or several roots passing a potential slip plane and verified by field experiments. Yet, precious littleExpand