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[Evolution of the epidemiology of cholera].
The problems of the evolution of cholera at the stages of its pandemic spread are described. A short characterization of endemic zones in the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America, stipulatingExpand
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[Membrane-bound proteases of ompT+ and ompT- Vibrio cholerae strains].
AIM Detection ofproteases in outer membranes (OM) of ompT+ and ompT- Vibrio cholerae strains of O1 and O139 serogroups. MATERIALS AND METHODS Specific sterile preparations of OM were obtained byExpand
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[The outer membranes of Vibrio cholerae as a potential component in a chemical vaccine].
The results of the study of the preparation of V. cholerae eltor membrane, obtained by the lysis and inactivation of microbial cells with urea and the subsequent differential centrifugation andExpand
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[Molecular-genetic analysis of the epidemical strains of the Vibrio cholerae El Tor isolated from the Siberian and maritime regions of Russia].
The detection of the biotype-specificity, pathogenicity determinants, and sequencing of the ctxB gene and the ctxAB promoter was carried out for analysis of the Vibrio cholerae El Tor strains genomeExpand
[Experimental data on the treatment and emergency prevention of cholera].