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Natural products with anti-HIV activity from marine organisms.
Considering that number of unique metabolites that have been isolated from a small extent of the ocean's biological and chemical diversity, the oceans represent a virtually untapped resource for the discovery of novel bioactive compounds. Expand
Acetylene sesquiterpenoid esters from the green alga Caulerpa prolifera.
The antifouling activity of the algal extract was tested in laboratory assays against two of the major groups of fouling organisms (bacteria, microalgae). Expand
Piperidinyl amides with insecticidal activity from the maritime plant Otanthus maritimus.
Two new piperidine amides were isolated from the dichloromethane/methanol extracts of the plant Otanthus maritimus collected from coastal areas in Greece and evaluated on Crematogaster scutellaris (Olivier) ants and Reticulitermes balkanensis (Clement) termites, showing significant levels of activity. Expand
Synthesis and characterization of guanidinylated poly(propylene imine) dendrimers as gene transfection agents.
The fully guanidinylated dendrimer exhibited the best transfection efficiency under all the conditions studied, apparently attributed to the enhanced penetrating ability of the Guanidinium group due to the accumulation of the guanidine group at the d endrimeric surface. Expand
Combined metabolome and transcriptome profiling provides new insights into diterpene biosynthesis in S. pomifera glandular trichomes
A thorough metabolite analysis of S. pomifera leaves led to the isolation and structure elucidation of carnosic acid-family metabolites including one new natural product, labdane diterpenes seem to be synthesized through miltiradiene and ferruginol. Expand
Multifunctional dendritic drug delivery systems: design, synthesis, controlled and triggered release.
This review describes the strategy for the development of multifunctional dendrimeric and hyperbranched polymers aiming at their application as drug and gene delivery systems, employing well-characterized and mainly commercially available dendritic polymers. Expand
Improvement of anti-corrosive properties of epoxy-coated AA 2024-T3 with TiO2 nanocontainers loaded with 8-hydroxyquinoline
Epoxy coatings containing TiO2 nanocontainers were applied on aluminium alloy (AA) 2024-T3 for corrosion protection. The nanocontainers were loaded with the corrosion inhibitor 8-hydroxyquinolineExpand
Novel functional hyperbranched polyether polyols as prospective drug delivery systems.
It was found that PEG chains attached at the surface of these hyperbranched polymers, in addition to their well-established protective role, enhance the encapsulation efficiency of the polymers. Expand
A novel micellar PEGylated hyperbranched polyester as a prospective drug delivery system for paclitaxel.
A hyperbranched aliphatic polyester has been functionalized with PEG chains to afford a novel water-soluble BH40-PEG polymer which exhibits unimolecular micellar properties, and is thereforeExpand
Collagen from the Marine Sponges Axinella cannabina and Suberites carnosus: Isolation and Morphological, Biochemical, and Biophysical Characterization
The marine demosponges Axinella cannabina and Suberites carnosus, collected from the Aegean and the Ionian Seas, were comparatively studied for their insoluble collagen, intercellular collagen, and spongin-like collagen content. Expand