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Concordance among stream assemblages and spatial autocorrelation along a fragmented gradient
Patterns of spatial autocorrelation of biota and distributional similarity (concordance) between assemblages of different organism groups have important implications in both theoretical ecology andExpand
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Determination of the biological diatom index (IBD NF T 90–354): results of an intercomparison exercise
A diatom intercomparison exercise on sampling, slide preparation, countsand identification has been carried out in September 1999 with 24French-speaking diatomists on the River Loup (Alpes Maritimes,Expand
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Long-term changes in water physicochemistry in the Adour-Garonne hydrographic network during the last three decades.
This study details a trend analysis covering a 30-year period (1975-2004), for 19 physicochemical parameters at 45 surface water sites in the Adour-Garonne basin, south-west France. To performExpand
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Small-scale gold mining erodes fish assemblage structure in small neotropical streams
The current gold rush experienced by the Guiana shield is profoundly disturbing freshwater ecosystems. Indeed, streams act as receptors for the water that drains gold mining sites and that contain aExpand
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Patterns and processes of alternative host use in a generalist parasite: insights from a natural host–parasite interaction
Summary Host specificity is a major, yet poorly understood, property of parasites. Generalist parasites generally exploit a principal host species and a series of alternative host species.Expand
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Water quality assessment of the Pardinho River, RS, Brazil, using epilithic diatom assemblages and faecal coliforms as biological indicators
Le but de cette etude etait de surveiller la qualite de l'eau de la riviere Pardinho, RS (Etat de Rio Grande do Sul), Bresil, en mesurant des variables chimiques et biologiques, en particulier lesExpand
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High altitude rivers in European mountains show a large diversity of benthic diatom assemblages. Diatoms were studied from rivers of the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Massif-Central and the Iberic system.Expand
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Influence of small-scale gold mining on French Guiana streams: Are diatom assemblages valid disturbance sensors?
The ongoing gold-rush in French Guiana could cause severe disturbance to ecosystems. Although illegal, small gold mining sites are rapidly expanding. Few studies have attempted to measure theExpand
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Modeling the stream water nitrate dynamics in a 60,000-km2 European catchment, the Garonne, southwest France.
The spatial and temporal dynamics in the stream water NO(3)-N concentrations in a major European river-system, the Garonne (62,700 km(2)), are described and related to variations in climate, landExpand
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Scale-dependent effects of land cover on water physico-chemistry and diatom-based metrics in a major river system, the Adour-Garonne basin (South Western France).
The scale dependence of ecological phenomena remains a central issue in ecology. Particularly in aquatic ecology, the consideration of the accurate spatial scale in assessing the effects of landscapeExpand
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