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Increasing total fiber intake reduces risk of weight and fat gains in women.
Research investigating fiber intake and changes in weight over time has not controlled for important covariates, especially physical activity. Moreover, studies have rarely examined the influence ofExpand
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Objectively Measured Sleep Patterns in Young Adult Women and the Relationship to Adiposity
Purpose. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between sleep patterns and adiposity in young adult women. Design. Cross-sectional. Setting. The study took place at two MountainExpand
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Psychosocial discomfort and exercise frequency: an epidemiological study of adolescents.
This study sought to determine the extent to which adolescents (N = 1,297) who report different levels of physical exercise vary with respect to selected indicators of psychosocial discomfort.Expand
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Body fat percentage of children varies according to their diet composition.
OBJECTIVE To ascertain the association between diet composition and body fat percentage in 9- and 10-year-old children. Also, to examine the influence of gender, total energy intake, fitness,Expand
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Obesity and Absenteeism: An Epidemiologic Study of 10,825 Employed Adults
Purpose. This study was conducted to determine the extent of the relationship between obesity and absenteeism due to illness. A secondary objective was to ascertain the extent to which age, gender,Expand
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Rapid Tests of Wheat Nutritive Value for Growing Chickens
Abstract Two series of broiler chicken feeding experiments quantified the differences in growth performance of broiler chickens fed either six different U.K. wheat cultivars from one harvest year orExpand
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The Effects of a Single Bout of Strength Training on Ambulatory Blood Pressure Levels in 24 Mildly Hypertensive Men
Twenty-four mildly hypertensive sedentary men were randomly assigned to one or two control conditions of health education or a treatment of a single bout of strength training. The men were rotatedExpand
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Effect of resistance training on body composition, self‐efficacy, depression, and activity in postpartum women
This study assessed the effect of resistance training (RT) in 60 healthy postpartum women. Participants were randomized to 18 weeks of RT or an active comparison group (flexibility training). RT andExpand
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Effects of dietary inclusion of plant extracts on the growth performance of male broiler chickens
were analysed using one-way ANOVA and means were separated by Tukey’s pairwise comparison. The birds fed on the probiotic-containing diets (T2 and T3) gained significantly more weight than that ofExpand
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Television viewing and obesity in adult females.
We measured the relation between time spent watching television per week and obesity in 4,771 adult females. After controlling for age, education, cigarette smoking, length of work week, and weeklyExpand
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