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Neurosecretion and salt and water balance in the Annelida and Crustacea.
The possible role of the neurosecretory system in regulation of salt and water has been studied in the annelids and crustaceans. In the earthworm, Lumbricus terrestris, a brain factor influences 'theExpand
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Classical Heatstroke: Clinical and Laboratory Assessment
We reviewed the clinical and laboratory characteristics of 34 patients who had classical heatstroke during the Kansas City heat wave of 1980. The patients were elderly, predominantly black, and ofExpand
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Risk Factors for Cholecystectomy: Analysis of 935 Patients
We evaluated 935 patients for risk factors of cholecystectomy. Factors assessed included reason for cholecystectomy, preoperative laboratory values, sex, age, weight, presence of associated disease,Expand
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Mid-esophageal traction diverticulum: rare cause of massive upper gastrointestinal bleeding.
Traction diverticula of the mid-esophagus are usually incidental findings on barium swallow or upper endoscopy. They are thought to arise secondary to adjacent inflammation in the mediastinum,Expand
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Survival and progression of HIV disease in women attending GUM/HIV clinics in Britain and Ireland. Study Group for the MRC Collaborative Study of HIV Infection in Women.
OBJECTIVES To describe the pattern of clinical disease in women with HIV infection and to examine the effect of potential cofactors, including oral contraceptive use, alcohol and smoking, ethnicExpand
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Prevalence of gallstones in obese Caucasian American women.
Although the association between gallstones and obesity is well known, no attempt has been made to quantitate the increased risk for gallstone formation associated with moderate obesity commonly seenExpand
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Sodium efflux from the central nervous connectives of the cockroach.
1. It has been found that the efflux of sodium from intact penultimate connectives of the ventral nerve cord of the cockroach, Periplaneta americana , can be represented by three components with halfExpand
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Electrical and radioisotope evidence for an insect "blood-brain barrier".
IN many invertebrates the ion content of the blood fluctuates considerably with variations in the environment and diet of the animal. Equivalent fluctuations in the ionic composition of the fluidExpand
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Early development of infants with neurofibromatosis type 1: a case series
BackgroundProspective studies of infants at familial risk for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have yielded insights into the earliest signs of the disorder but represent heterogeneous samples ofExpand
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Tocainide-induced granulomatous hepatitis.
To the Editor.— Tocainide hydrochloride (Tonocard) is a lidocaine analogue used in treatment of ventricular arrhythmias. Recent reports suggest hepatotoxic reactions to this drug. 1,2 We report aExpand
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