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A Primer on Efficiency Measurement for Utilities and Transport Regulators
This book is intended to help regulators learn about the tools needed to measure efficiency. It is based on lecture notes from courses the World Bank Institute offers in English, French and Spanish
Short-sea shipping: an analysis of its determinants
Recent trends in production such as global sourcing, just-in-time deliveries and fragmented production chains have determined clear patterns in relation to growth in demand for freight transport.
Efficiency measurement in the port industry: a survey of the empirical evidence
The purpose of this paper is to further an understanding of the port sector through a systematic analysis of the existing studies assessing the economic efficiency and productivity of the sector. The
Privatization and Regulation of the Seaport Industry
With containerized shipping, maritime transport has changed profoundly. Among other things, it has shifted from labor-intensive to more capital-intensive activities, including larger specialized
Public-Private Partnerships in Transport
This paper summarizes the evidence on the evolution of transport PPPs over the last 15 years or so. In the process, it provides a primer on the associated policy issues, including of the central role
The European Port Industry: An Analysis of its Economic Efficiency
Because of their critical strategic role, ports have all traditionally been subject to some form of government control even if the legal form and the intensity of this control have varied across